Rize of the Fenix!

Take a guess who I got to see in concert last night.


Holy guacamole! I’m going to get to see Jack Black in concert! What, what?!

To build the excitement we listened to this on the way.


We stopped here for dinner


It’s actually our favorite go-to spot when we are heading to a Warriors game or into the city. The restaurant is in Berkeley, so right when you hit traffic we veer off and go to Brennan’s.

Here’s the menu


I went for a roast beef sandwich. I love that they slice it right in front of you. Make mine on the rare side please!


Hubs got a half sandwich, and ended up eating 1/2 of my whole sandwich.

I also had 1 or 2 of these.


We got to the venue around 6:45, the line was around the block. I guess they had general seating on the floor. In hindsight, I wish I had those tickets. My row was not feeling “the rock” nearly as much as I was.

Here’s the theater


And they ID’d me


Good thing I was “verified”

And I went to the concert with this guy, so here’s the mandatory “couple shot”.


Plus I think he’s kinda cute.

“The Sights” opened for them.


I gotta say, they were really really good! I asked hubs to buy me one of their albums. I am excited to rock out to them on my upcoming long run on Sunday!

Ok so here’s the part of the concert where it’s not appropriate for kids. So shield their eyes.


I have one in every color, lol!


I am a huge fan of Jack Black, and everything he has done. I have seen all of his movies at least a dozen times each. I know his albums by heart, and just love anything he’s in or sings. I was on the edge of my seat rocking all night long. I loved it! If you even remotely liked “The Pick of Destiny” you will love Tenacious D in concert!

Overall: great venue (drinks were only $7 and parking was $15, what a deal!), great price for tix (less than $50), and great merch!

Here’s the shirt I picked up.


Go see them!



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