4 easy

I went back and forth about hitting an early yoga class this morning. My thinking was since it was my day off I wanted to double up on the work outs. However since I have done doubles pretty much all week, my body was telling me that an easy run is enough.

I met Jessica at the lagoon for an easy 3-4 miles.

It really was a beautiful morning.


And we totally looked amazing in the morning light!


Why did the geese cross the road?


Here is the work out summary.


We actually ended up taking a short cut and cutting out about a mile or so. In the end, I’m really glad we did. My legs are kinda toast. The easy pace was just perfect for today.

Once I got home I made my new favorite.


Love my iced coffee 🙂

And I had an oatmeal fail!


However I supplemented the lost oatmeal with Greek yogurt. And can we just accept the fact that Greek yogurt makes everything better?


Super delish!

On a completely separate note, I have been using My Fitness Pal for the past couple of days. It really helps me to remember to make smart choices. Instead of shoving whatever is within arms reach in your mouth. My name is Tiffersknees, (horrible high school nick name given to me by my very religious cousin, who saw my knees one day…) so look me up!

What kinds of tracking device do you use if any?



8 thoughts on “4 easy

  1. cutedogsandhugs says:

    Your run is so scenic! Jealous. I bought a Garmin a month or 2 ago so I have been using that without music most of the time. Other times I use my Nike+ GPS app but it’s been awhile and I think it misses me… =)

      • cutedogsandhugs says:

        I still have MMR on my phone because I like to track walks separately from runs (i.e. I don’t want walks listed as runs in my log) but that’s more my OCD kicking in… Hehe

  2. cathyo says:

    i love MyFitnessPal. it really does make you think about what you eat. or if you really want it, you know how much you’ve got to do to burn it off! i will look you up and we can keep each other on track!

  3. Sarah says:

    I did My Fitness Pal for a short time after the holidays– it really worked! I learned a lot about my eating habits, like…I sometimes eat snacks that have as many calories as a meal. Oy! I also lost about 5 pounds, which never hurts.

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