Yoga Tuesday

I love, love, love my yoga on Tuesday. I definitely thought about running before hand. However I was feeling a little something in my knee, and felt that I should take it easy until yoga.


Love this place.

We did a lot of partner work. We started by sitting on our mats back to back. One of us leaned forward, while the other leaned back. We did about 6 partner moves. I actually really liked this class. I was thankful there wasn’t much flowing or any warrior moves, since my knee wasn’t feeling 100%.

I was feeling super inspired after spin class yesterday. And while I was waiting on the yoga class to start this morning I looked up the Pilates studio down the street from my house.

Pilates 360


They have a Pilates mat class, and a barre class I want to try. Maybe next week?

Have you ever done partner work with yoga?



3 thoughts on “Yoga Tuesday

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    I was actually intimidated by partner work at first but I have really come to like it. It isn’t something I want to do everyday but it is great every now and then. You must let us know about the barre class (as if you wouldn’t!). I have been so curious about them!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I completely agree on the “not wanting to do partner work every day thing”. I very rarely like to go outside of my yoga routine. So sometimes when the instructor likes to mix it up, it usually pisses me off, lol. Ya the barre class. I emailed the studio about 4 days ago, and haven’t heard back. I guess I’ll call them Monday and see if I can take their Tuesday class. I’m super curious about the barre class too! AND the studio is less than a minute to drive to from my house.

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