Arms and spinning

I was really looking forward to today. Jessica invited me to go to a spin class. Here is what I know about spin classes.

-some of the biggest loser contestants have become “spin teachers” post BL

-spin classes are usually held at the crack of dawn ie before 7am

-there is pedaling involved

-sometimes you have to stand up

-Bob Harper removes the bike seats for his players on the BL when teaching a spin class

-skinny people spin (however this is true of most fitness related things)

But before we get into what spin is for me, my new trainer aka Jessica showed me some moves on the weight lifting machines.


And here she is again looking very fitness model-y


Me not so much…


At least my form is decent.

After some more reps and a few more arm and core moves it was time to spin!

Meet my torture device.


Here’s what I learned from spin class

-the music is louder than the microphone, so pay attention!

-it’s easier on my knees not to bounce, but harder on my thighs.

-its harder than it looks

-spinning also works your arm muscles (who knew?)

-my thighs were burning in the warm up.

-I can’t count to 4, my beats were off most of the time. (up for 4, forward for 4, etc)

-it’s super high energy, so I had to bring it!

-I’m pretty sure I made this face most of the time…

(this picture was obviously taken after class, and I’m sure my expressions were worse…I feel like this is my “I’m working hard, can’t you tell?” face)

By the end of class I was drenched in sweat and happy it was over. I actually really enjoyed it. It was a great alternative to running. I look forward to my next spin class.

What’s the latest new-to-you exercise you have tried?

I’ll leave you with one of the pics I snapped of the pups today.




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