Hard Hills

The plan for today was to meet jessica at 6:30 to do 6-8 miles. She told me she knew a “challenging good hilly route”.


The two hill parts were intense. It was worse that I was anticipating the hill,since it was a down and back. The back part was gradual for about a mile.

I definitely considered walking once it got steeper. I felt like I was holding Jessica back. I told her about 1/2 way up the hill “if you want to run faster, go ahead”. She told me “I’m just pacing myself, and if you want to slow or stop, go ahead”. I decided then that I would just keep breathing. A few minutes later the hill was over. When it comes to running, all pain and uncomfortable-ness always comes to an end.

Jessica told me that hills are “character builders”. I was thinking I probably have twice as much character after doing that hill twice.

I watched “ask a Monican” the other day on Run, Eat, Repeat a tip she gave really helped on that darn hill. Basically play a game with your mind to take your mind off of running. Something like think of the last really funny movie you saw, or what are you making for dinner, or errands you need to run etc. Great tips Monica!

In the end we got more miles in than we planned, and the pace was awesome considering the hills. Average pace was 10:30.


And once we were done I was actually really happy with what we were able to get done. I love that “I’m done, and I worked damn hard” feeling.

Delicious post run beverage


And it’s Saturday, so lots of trash TV coming my way. Starting with


It’s all the same drama, but I can’t look away.

How do you get through those hard parts on long runs?



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