5k around the lagoon

I met up with Jessica for a run at 7 am. I was late. Luckily she was too! 7:10 was when we both pulled up at the entrance of the park.

We decided on 3 ish miles. I told her how sore my arms were from yoga and she was totally down.

We basically did the same beginning and end, but mixed it up in the middle.


And full details


And I went ahead and made my new favorite at home today…


Simply pour hot coffee over ice…I didn’t google it or anything, but I had my doubts it would work.

I actually get off from work at a decent hour today, and I’m hoping that the hubs opts to go to dog training. This way I’ll have the house to myself. I may even surprise myself and work out after work!

Fingers crossed!

Do you ever work out twice a day? Do you like to split it up or do both work outs back to back?



4 thoughts on “5k around the lagoon

  1. eat.laugh.love.sweat says:

    I got in two workouts today, too…I taught a fitness class after work, but didn’t feel like I got enough cardio in (I took it easy to stick with one of my newbies who was struggling with our run in the sunshine), so I took my dogs out for a quick 5k run when I got home. Sometimes I split up the workouts instead: yesterday I got a sweat on teaching my circuit class in the early morning, and then did a brief 25 minute yoga practice before bed.

    I say whatever works…and if you’ve got the energy for a second workout, then go for it!

  2. alabrianna says:

    For my coffee, I usually make a full 12-cup pot at the beginning of the week, and stick it in the fridge once the pot has cooled down. I’ve never had a problem with it going bad over the 4 days it takes to get through it.

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