Yoga Tuesday!

Hello yoga Tuesday! I really look forward to this class each week. At this point once a week yoga classes is perfect for me. Anything more kind of gets boring.

Before I hit up the yoga studio, I needed my caffeine fix.


I got my new favorite…


Iced Coffee

I also picked up some coffee to make at home.


I dropped off Carlo at school, then headed back home to do some chores before I was off to the yoga studio.


The normal instructor was visiting family, so we had a sub. And she was amazing! I loved her teaching style. She had us tackling challenging poses (like sideways crow, it’s probably known as something else but I forget) and showing us exactly how to do them and not put too much pressure on us to complete the pose. She also reassured us that it was fun to try new things and that eventually with practice you will see all our hard work come to fruition. That’s something I forget a lot. I think it’s that Runner’s mentality, where I am trying to push harder, or longer etc. It’s really good to slow it down and accept where I am today. Plus in the end tell myself that I’m awesome. That’s another thing this teacher told us. Don’t fill your mind up with negativity, then you won’t have any room for the awesomeness. Which so clearly I am!

Woot to the yoga!

And after yoga I assessed my new bic band.


The website is right, it didn’t move! Love that! I usually wear a head scarf when I work out. However I wear it very low on my head, and with short hair, it kind of looks like I have cancer or something. I ended up picking the sparkly pink skinny band.

How often do you practice yoga?

How do you wear your hair for your work outs?



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