New Running Buddy

Today the plan was to meet my potential new “running buddy” at The Lagoon to go for a run.

Meet Jessica!


Her average time is around 9:30-10 min/mile

My average time is 10-11 min/mile.

Close enough time to enjoy a run together. We also have a similar schedule and live about 15 minutes away from each other. Perfect combo for a running buddy. Jessica works as a rep in my husband’s store. Basically hubs “hooked” us up.

The great thing about running with a “buddy” is that it makes the time pass so much faster. Originally we wanted to hit around 3-4 miles. However around 2 miles Jessica said she was feeling great, so in the end we finished 5 pretty solid miles. And I found a new screen on “mapmyrun” to show elevation.


The hills were not fun, but totally worth it in my book. I like to tackle harder work outs with a buddy any day of the week.

Here’s our time, I forgot to turn off the running app after 5 miles. So the extra mile is not accurate.


I just wish the app broke down mile by mile. It probably does, but I’m inpatient and get annoyed easily by anything “tech” related.

At one point Jessica told me that we were running a sub 10. I was pretty excited about that. She has way more experience when it comes to training. My training up until now has not really focused on speed or trying to go faster. I think having someone who can pace faster will push me in a faster direction. She has done several marathons and halfsies, I believe she did at least one Mary with Team In Training She had a lot of advice that I was totally soaking in.

At the end of our run we planned to do another run on Wednesday.

We had no coffee in the house, so I stopped and picked up some of my new favorite obsession…


Iced coffee is a perfect post run beverage.

I also grabbed one of these


Now time to relax and watch some of this


Before I have to head to work.

Do you have a “running buddy”? Or do you prefer to run alone?



13 thoughts on “New Running Buddy

  1. aewills says:

    I love running with buddies! I have several–mostly similarly-paced, but a couple faster, and a couple slower. Your new one sounds like the perfect choice for a little extra motivation. I like running with a buddy best when I don’t have a particular time goal for the workout and can relax and chat a bit without gasping for breath. Congrats on the sub-10 mile: a major landmark! And thanks for the “like” over at milemeter :).

  2. Happy Runner says:

    I love running with a running buddy. It makes the time and miles go by faster and I always found running with a friend makes the friendship stronger. Glad to hear you found a running buddy! I can also wholeheartedly endorse Team in Training. I am currently running my fifth season with them! The best team I ever found (I miss them a lot now that I live in London).

  3. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    I really enjoy having a running buddy on long or difficult runs. I typically have two group runs a week and I really love them. Not only does it make the miles go by faster, we push each other in a positive way to achieve our goals-and then some! The accountability is great (Thank you, Dianne and Shelly for texting me to remind me we have a run tonight!). I love hearing about everyone’s adventures and plans-plus I get lots of great ideas while we are out there. At the same time, I choose to run alone a few times a week too. It is my time to work out whatever is going on in my head. These solo runs bring me sanity. Congrats on the new running buddy! EnjoY the miles!!!

  4. sarahtbland says:

    That’s awesome! I had a running buddy (group, actually) and we all had different paces. We just all ran and the faster ones waited sometimes. Afterwards we would sit and have coffee together. It was always a blast!

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