Mother’s Day Festivities

The day didn’t start THAT early. I was up somewhere around 6:45. Considering I had plans to be at a dog event today, that’s exceptionally late. We left the house and made it to Auburn around 10. There was a very important competition going on.


Ok it’s not at all important in the sense that you could actually earn titles or anything. However it was important in the sense that your dog could have loads of fun!

Here’s Klairesy taking her first jump.


Her farthest jump was around 7′. Not bad for a little dog with out actual “dock” experience.

While I was at this fabulous competition I ran into a fellow fitness blogger.


Meet Liz from Run, Fat Chick! RUN! a blogger who also is into running, blogging, and all things that is related to terriers! Woot! My kind of lady 😉

We have probably crossed paths more than once, and she knows my dogs better than she knows me. I’m really happy that I had the chance to meet her in person.


Her blog is super funny, and relatable.

She lives somewhere near Reno or Sparks in Nevada. Close enough to maybe plan to do a race together in the future? So Liz, wanna make some racing plans??

Outside of all that awesomeness, I also got my super duper amazing awesome Mother’s day gift. A trip to


I got a new pair of trail running shoes!


And because I don’t over analyze my shoes and could care less what they are called, here’s a pic of that.


I guess I am being totally loyal to Saucony. I actually tried on about 6 different pairs of shoes before I chose the Saucony’s. I’m pretty happy with my choice. However tomorrow will be the true test. I have a trail run planned with a new potential “running buddy”. I’m looking forward to testing them out.

How was your Mother’s Day?



One thought on “Mother’s Day Festivities

  1. paralaxvu says:

    My Mother’s Day was pretty quiet and much more couch-like;-) I, too, love Saucony shoes. I’m just about your height and weight but had back surgery when much younger. Also have very high arches. Saucony is the only shoe I’ve found thus far that fits those arches and thus doesn’t make my back ache. I also love terriers..well, okay, I love all dogs. Mostly, I love to stop by your site and get inspiration. Keep it up, I need you!..

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