Another brick in the wall…

We bought tickets to go see Roger Waters over 6 months ago. We had never seen him live.


The concert was in San Francisco, here at this little spot…


Parking is every man for himself, but we found something about 4 blocks away for only $25.

When we got to the park we opted to just go in and get concessions since we parked so close and didn’t want to walk all over the place.

Hubs opted for a delicious looking pretzel.


I went for a sausage sandwich.


We ended up splitting both. And splitting some of these


You can’t go to the ball park and NOT get garlic fries.

We also enjoyed some this


After the concessions we headed for our seats, but first a stop here


Our view from our seat was great, even though we were in the nose bleeds.


He’s kinda cute, so I got a pic of this guy too.


This guy was definitely dressed for the concert.


The concert was amazing! It started with a bang!


This guy was super entertaining


I thought the concert was super visually stimulating!


I also picked up this shirt for $45. The most I have spent on a single shirt ever. But I really love it.


And the back


I don’t even want to think about how much we spent on concessions, tickets, and everything else. However it was all worth it.

Bottom line: best concert I have ever been to hands down. The show was amazing! I’m not even a huge fan of the music, but I’m so glad I saw this concert!

Time to go run off all those greasy calories…



2 thoughts on “Another brick in the wall…

  1. cathyo says:

    A radio station here in Toronto is having a contest, giving away 2 tickets to this concert in different places around the States each week. One of the places was the stop in San Fran. From what I’ve heard, it is a fantastic show. Glad you had a good time! It looks like an amazing stadium!

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