4.5 is not 6

The run started out brilliantly! Brass, Carlo, and I set out to do 6 miles today. But first I want to show off my new running Capri, compression, spandex, running tights.


My room is super messy. Good thing I woke up with tons of energy because it totally got cleaned (I also moved the puppies into a different room, did 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, and changed all the sheets on the beds NBD)

I got the new running masterpieces at…wait for it… Old Navy.


They were labeled “compression” however they weren’t compressing my muscles. More like making my hips look less “hippy”. Which is what I’m all about. They were reasonably priced at $22.95 and with tax ended up costing less than $25.

If you’re on a budget, check out Old Navy. Only problem? They have work out stuff in seasons. So once they sell out of a certain “look”, that’s it! No going back for seconds. I learned this after buying a pair of yoga pants I loved. I never saw them again, now they are hole-y and I still haven’t replaced them.

Anyways the pants performed perfectly on this run. We were really cooking!


I look crazy!


And we saw a snake around mile 4.


After I saw the snake, I noticed brass was limping. So we stopped running/biking and I picked up Brass, and walked the last mile and a half home.


Before we went home, we stopped and picked up some bananas, and some mother’s day cards. Then headed to McD’s, we both got one of these.


Cherry berry chiller for $1 until May 19th. Very delicious.

After we got home I checked Brass’s paw more closely. He has worn down both of his front pads.


Poor baby! I felt so bad for him!

Has this ever happened to your dog? I feel like maybe I bring him too often on my runs? I always was thinking that they need exercise and love it. I feel like its my fault 😦 I’m hoping a week of rest will cure it.



4 thoughts on “4.5 is not 6

  1. Two Moms says:

    So sorry your baby is hurt. I have a little dog and I am always worried her paws will be hot on the cement. They make dog booties that might help. I am not sure I have never used them but I was thinking of it just so my dogs feel dont do that as well. Just a thought. Hope he feels better soon.

  2. tomddean says:

    Oh no, poor Brass! I’m always afraid to take my dog cause he’s a little min pin and his legs are so short! 🙂

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