12 and 10

Today I decided that I would torture my 12 year old stepson. Yesterday there was an incident at school, and today he was not allowed to attend school. Ya there’s a word for it…dummy I don’t even want to say it. However I decided to make the best of it. I was planning on doing a very intense trail run. But instead I opted for a bike ride.

He seemed slightly enthused about it in the beginning.


Even after we went up a hill, he was in good spirits…


I had never been on this bike path. It was only a mile from the house. The sights were pretty sweet.


And about 30 minutes later the whining started. The reason why he was in pain and I wasn’t (Carlo says) “you’re old and old people are stronger”

What a very skewed image of life.

In the end we finished 10 miles!


Tomorrow I want to do 6-8 miles on the same path. Fun part? Carlo will ride along side of me while I run. His butt is going to be so sore, and that’s with out me beating him.

Evil stepmother much?

I need a nap

Has your kid ever gotten suspended? Have you ever tortured them indirectly or directly?



4 thoughts on “12 and 10

  1. lovelylici1986 says:

    Perfect! I’d definitely do it. I suggested my cousin have her sons and stepsons do push ups and jumping jacks when they’re out of control. She tried it, and LOVES it. Now, when we’re chatting on the phone, I hear her say, “DJ! That’s TWENTY!” and I know exactly what’s going on.

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