Yoga Tuesday’s are back!

I started my day with Vin


And 2 solid miles.


Then headed over to this little spot for my yoga Tuesday workout extravaganza!


Ok so it wasn’t “extravaganza-y” but it WAS a really good practice! I had a stint from December til march where I went every tuesday with out fail. However the instructor on Tuesday’s decided to switch it up to something well, umm, lamer slower. So I bailed. However I decided to give them a second chance since it is only 2 minutes from my house. I’m super glad I did. The practice is way more flow-y and I really enjoyed it today.

I have been debating on signing up for a trail run. I just needed to find one that would work with my schedule, and that was close to home, and had a 1/2 marathon distance, AND has awesome medals…

Enter brazen racing

They have races every month, sometimes twice a month. All their races are trail races AND are less than an hour from my house.


Next I had to sweet talk the hubs, and he totally gave in and agreed…

So here’s the race I’m signing up for (probably on my next pay day)


And the medals have huge bass on them…who doesn’t want a huge bass medal??


Have you ever done an organized trail race? Good or bad experience?



2 thoughts on “Yoga Tuesday’s are back!

  1. blessedwiththunderthighs says:

    Ooh! I have that same CIM shirt from last year marathon 😀
    I have totally done the trail races from Brazen Racing and really enjoyed it!… but not gonna lie… it was super duper tough. I hated myself for signing up for a trail half marathon… until I finished, of course. You should totally do it! I would do that one, too, except it’s pretty far from where I live.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I have never done any trail racing, and maybe I bit off more than I could chew when I said “half marathon”…after some careful consideration I’m leaning towards the 10k. I know trail running is a whole different beast, best to take it one step at a time. With some luck I’ll get my trail 1/2 marathon done this year. Thanks for the support!

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