Change of plans…

Plans for today:

Long run with running club.

Grocery shopping

Work at 1

The big reason why my to do list isn’t getting done…


This little lady has gone into labor. We have been checking on her every 30 minutes since last night. Which means we have been awake…

All. Night. Long.

She has just been panting and shaking. She also has dug the quite a hole in our backyard. She is a terrier, (the Latin, terra = earth) and they are known to be diggers. We have been lucky and it’s very rarely a problem. But since she’s nesting we have a hole…

I am hoping we get the pups delivered by 12:30, so I can get to work by 1.

I hate missing my runs, especially my long runs. It’s going to be a long day.

Bets on how much longer until she gives birth?

I say 2 hours, but she could be in labor all day. Either way I just hope the pups have today as their birthday.

Woot to cinco de mayo puppies!



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