Pigeon is my new favorite!

The morning started early, today is my Monday. I was feeling inspired to get back into my 2-a-day work outs. First up this morning I set off to get 4 miles in. And guess what? My easy pace was 10:01 min/mile. How and when did that happen?


My phone was acting stupid and wouldn’t save anything.

After the run, I set off for my 9am yoga Tuesday.


This yoga studio is literally around the corner from my house. When they first opened I wasn’t sure I really liked their classes. The level 2 was not challenging at all. I ended up not going, and not going to the other yoga studio 15 minutes from my house either. This week I wanted to give them another chance. The class today was totally worth it. I felt like I got a good work out, and I think I’ll be going back. Plus I held pigeon (where you grab the leg behind you and raise your other arm) on both sides for over a minute.

After yoga I scarfed enjoyed my yogurt concoction.


Greek Yogurt, peanut butter, kashi go lean cereal, and banana slices.

Wanna know what the best feeling in the world is? Getting your work out to do list done, and watching trash tv while eating my delicious breakfast. Love it!

What’s the best feeling in the world for you?



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