Dog show days…

Yesterday was fun, and long! I participated in a UKC (united kennel club) dog show, weight pull, den dog, terrier race, and an AWTA (American working terrier association) go to ground event. Here are the highlights.


The dog on the right is an American Bulldog named Troy, he won reserve best in show. His owner, Manny, comes out to train Troy in our weight pull group every week. He’s part of our “dog fam” and deserves major props!

The dog on the left is a Patterdale Terrier named Ruby. She won Best In Show. This was exceptional since there were over 150 dogs there! Her owner, Maggie, co-owns Ruby with hubs and I. She is an off spring from our kennel. Ruby also pulled in weight pull and qualified for a total dog! Which means she qualified in a conformation event and a performance event. Excellent work Maggie! Thanks!

And here are the “patterdale terrier” ladies, showing off!


Always a good time even if it was a 16 hour show…

Have you ever been to a dog event, fun or otherwise?



3 thoughts on “Dog show days…

  1. Fidophiles says:

    Well done Ruby! Ruby is the spitting image of our Patterdale Terrier x Springer spaniel (who hasn’t won anything, but I can testify to her pulling capabilities!).

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