More trails…

Yesterday was the last day of the fast. I was supposed to only drink vegetable broth. Long story short…it didn’t happen. Instead I ate my Greek yogurt and set out with this guy for a hike.


He got so excited when he saw the lake…


He jumped right in, and then proceeded to shake off all the mud. (I think he was trying to spray me with it, but I stepped back and took a pic instead)


He’s cute, so I’ll let him slide.

The rest of the day included work, and today I spent the entire morning getting ready for the dog show this weekend. I still have so much to do before the show. I am hoping hubs will at least bathe all the dogs before I get home tonight. Either way I’m totally having 1 glass of wine with dinner. Hallelujah!!

I’m debating on getting up early to get in a 30 min work out each of the dog show days. I’m thinking taking the dogs for a run in the wee hours before the show will relax them? Hmmm…maybe a video would be better depending on how early I have to get up.

Have you ever been to a dog show/competition?



6 thoughts on “More trails…

  1. cutedogsandhugs says:

    Do you show dogs? Your nugget is so cute. What’s his name? Brass? We adopted ours in August and he hasn’t been near water yet, so I have no idea how he will react to it. I hope he swims like yours! =)

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      This guy was vin, or Vinny or mr. Vin. He’s way more douche-ier than brassy, but he’s great for runs and hikes. Yep I sure do show all my dogs. They all have their titles in conformation, terrier racing, dock diving, and weight pull. We used to show every weekend. However there aren’t as many shows going on in nor cal anymore. Which is just fine with me, showing is way more expensive than racing. Plus you gotta lug your dog all over the place with you :p

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