75% done!

I could not stop thinking about the huge glass of carrot juice I was going to have for breakfast. As soon as I woke up, I promptly went to my juicer!


It turned out perfectly!


Lunch and dinner looked like this…


Everything was either baked or steamed. The peppers really helped to add a lot of flavor.

I also did a 30 minute yoga stress relief video before work. It was perfect!

Tomorrow is all about vegetable broth…



2 thoughts on “75% done!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      It made me feel worse for 2 days, then better when I finally got (let myself) to eat. All of a sudden everything was better since not eating is like torture! And the caffeine headaches! Based on that alone I should have prepped myself better. Overall I lost about 8 pounds. I know most of it was “water weight” or “waste” so I doubt it will stay off. Plus I do think it helped me put things in perspective. I had a little cabin fever going on.

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