Day 2 of the fast

The trouble with day 2 is that there is no food. Herbal tea is the only thing on the menu. Instead of thinking about everything I wanted to eat instead of drink tea, I decided to embrace this day. I also wanted to do things and really look at them differently. Things like, yoga. Why do I like it? How am I feeling at this very moment? Living in the present has always been a challenge for me. I am always thinking two steps ahead.

First off I started with a nice cold glass of water.


Here’s the tea I drank all day. I’m picky when it comes to teas. So I didn’t mix it up at all.


Perk of not eating? Not having to prepare my lunch! Woot! I had some extra time so I finally registered for the cim

I also bought some compression socks that were on sale. And I hit up the factory outlets for some new shoes!


I’m in love with them!

I also made 2 stops here throughout the day for my tea.


If I’m going to drink a hot drink, it better be hot! And not from the microwave. I’m totally cool off that.

I’m not going to lie day 2 was hard. It’s the hardest of all the days. It’s not so much the hunger pangs, but more the headache from no caffeine. Omg they were horrendous. Thank goodness I worked the night shift otherwise I would have given into temptation.

Today is all about veggies! Love it!



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