Race Recap: Capital City Classic

I wasn’t excited about this race until the morning of the race. It’s race day morning, 5am! Woot I’m awake and excited. The packet pick up on race day started at 6:45, we left the house around 5:45 to get there right when it started. The top priority was to get a good parking spot!

We got there a few minutes before 6:45. We stopped for a photo moment in front of some random vet memorial (is what I’m assuming).


It was pretty warm for 7am. I didn’t need a jacket and was thankful I changed my running outfit from long sleeves and long pants to capris and short sleeves.

By the time we got to the pick up area no one was there except for plenty of volunteers. Way better organized than the Davis stampede.


Then a quick stop to the porta potties.


Not quite sure why I’m posing like that, it looks like I really had to go. Hehe.

The shirts were pretty cute.


The teal one was the cotton version, and the black was the tech tee version. I had to get one for the friend who didn’t make it, but really wanted the shirt she paid for.

Here’s the start.


I figured I was somewhere between here


And here


Before I knew it the gun went off and we were running walking to the start! Woot! Once we crossed the start everyone was running. It was pretty much what I had expected, however there was one BIG difference between this race start and many others. This race also had a youth running program involved. These kids were out there running a 5k. At first I was thinking “awesome!”, then when it came down to business it was not all that awesome. First off kids are kids. When they run in a group they would take up the whole road, not running, walking. Then the younger ones would zig and zag to their friends as they saw them. I saw one guy in front of me almost take a spill, from a kid crossing his path so fast the guy almost didn’t react. So that happened for about a mile.

Then I saw the river and was a bit happier.


The views were awesome. I’m really glad I came out and did this race. I even saw a train!


Crossing the gold bridge was definitely very surreal.


Not that you couldn’t run on it normally. Just that here I am in my home state at the capital, and enjoying the sights. It was very cool.

Raley field was pretty cool too!


I took the picture so fast I forgot to move my finger!

The only downer to running in Sacramento are the hills! They were everywhere and were killer! There was some trail running too, and running on a dock. The dock was the hardest surface to run on since it was so uneven.


Looks can be deceiving!

Overall I finished 246 out of 665. So right in the middle with a time of 1:03:57 which for me is Awesome! A full 10 minutes faster than my last 10 k. Woot!

Of course I celebrated with champagne by the pool!


Overall the race is one I would recommend for someone who had raced before and wanted to see some pretty cool sights in sacramento. It’s definitely NOT a flat course.

I think I would do this race again, if they had staggered start times for the kids.

How was your weekend? Any races to report?



6 thoughts on “Race Recap: Capital City Classic

  1. Henry Runs says:

    Congrats on beating your previous 10k time! Great recap of the race and I got a good laugh at the saying on the front of your shirt!

    I was supposed to run a 5k this weekend but I have a slight muscle pull that I am patiently waiting to go away.

  2. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    Sounds like an awesome race. Nice job. I cannot imagine running a 10k, but guess I will be getting there soon. I ran the Warrior Dash which is slightly more than a 5k with a few obstacles thrown in. After, I had a beer…at 9 a.m…. in the cold… I am so jealous of that pool view!! πŸ˜‰

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