Errands and more errands

I had so much on my agenda today. I didn’t think I would get it all done before I had to go to work at 1.

First off, I hit up my main squeeze here


She made my toesies look all purdy.


I also had to stop by my workplace and pick up the ol’ paycheck. Then to the bank! And quietly curse uncle Sam for taking all of my money!

Next I needed some retail therapy, happiest place on earth?


I went to the store, not the pump 🙂

I was on the lookout for new shoes, and they had nothing in my size. Drat! So I proceeded to spend away on other things, like cheese bread? And more importantly champagne! The Kirkland signature kind, you know the one they keep right next to the Dom perignon (sp?). I was cracking up at the thought of someone looking for some “nice champagne” and stumbling onto some Dom, then thinking “heavens this is too expensive”. Putting it down and reaching for the Kirkland stuff. Maybe it was funnier in my head.

Onto better things…

I ended up back at home, put away my groceries, and headed upstairs to print out forms for the dog show next weekend. I always wait til the last moment to pre enter. If you know anything about dog shows, here ya go.


Basically says I’m registering 4 dogs for terrier racing, and 1 dog for the show. Hubs is also judging weight pull, and I think I will have to handle 1-3 dogs for the pull. Then 4 dogs for racing, and finally 1 dog for showing. There will also be a go to ground. Basically a series of tunnels where the dog has to get to the end of the maze and look interested in the caged rat at the end. All 4 dogs will be doing that too. I am so glad that we very rarely do dog events anymore. Im tired after writing all of that.

Tomorrow is my big 10k race. I was supposed to run it with a friend. She, however, felt that she couldn’t do it. I’m going to grab her shirt and not give her too much grief. She promised me she would do the moonlight races in Davis with me. We both signed up for the 10k, however I’m thinking of paying the difference and going for the half marathon. I’m a little bit annoyed about this hiccup, and just want to do things I want to do, for me. It may sound selfish, but I’m super tired of people bailing on me.

I think I need to start running in a “running group”. I know there’s one on Saturday’s in Vacaville. It’s been on my “to do list” for weeks now. I think it’s time…

Thoughts on running groups?



6 thoughts on “Errands and more errands

  1. torunwiththegaels says:

    Running groups are great! I think I run in a group more than I run alone now. Company on a run – especially a long one – makes the time go by faster. One important thing to keep in mind though is to keep your own goals and to run for yourself, even when you’re in a group.

  2. cathyo says:

    i’m wondering about a run group too, since i really don’t like running alone. I’m a bit worried I’m not good enough to run with others yet. Maybe after my half marathon at the end of May i will see if I can find a group to run with for a fall half marathon.

  3. Henry Runs says:

    Running groups are great! Almost all of my runs tend to be with groups and I really enjoy them. It’s great being around people who have the same interests, it can definitely add some energy to your run and it’s great for support. Go for it!

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