While I was reading the “Trail” magazine sent to me courtesy of my subscription to “Runner’s World” I felt inspired. The editor’s letter had a line something like “if nature had a better publicist I would be out of a job”. Well said, editor guy! (I think Ienjoy trail running a little more than road running. Well today I do…)20 minutes later I’m dressed and ready to hit the trails!


Hello Rockville!

I only had time to do about 40 minutes, so I went to it! I was actually running for more than half of the “hike”, which felt awesome! Lately my runs have felt strained. Like I’m pushing, and not really enjoying it. I wasn’t getting that “Runner’s high” (which is totally a thing, for you haters).


Yes, Rockville has a lake. And it’s awesome! (I’m completely aware that i have said awesome twice)The sun was super bright at 7:40 in the mornin’. All the pics are either too bright or too dark.

Here’s a pic of a “rock garden”.


I even ran into the “Rockville Cows”. They are celebrities in these parts, and don’t like to get their pictures taken.


Here’s a pic of my phone trying to save my route…it never saved 😦


On the way to Rockville (all of 4 miles from my house) there are about half a dozen stands like this.


I only had six bucks on me, so I was hoping it could buy something. I was in luck! A 1/4 flat cost 5.50.



I was pretty surprised I got as many as I did. First thing I did was eat one that was trying to escape. Not on my watch, strawberry!

I got home and made my favorite breakfast!


Greek yogurt, peanut butter, banana slices, and kashi go lean cereal.

Thoughts on trail running?



4 thoughts on “Inspiration!

  1. coachdougbowers says:

    I would still be there chowing down on those strawberries! They look awesome. Hey! There’s that word again.
    Trails are definitely higher on my list. I run roads mainly because I’m too far from any trails.
    That’s a beautiful area you live in…Lucky you!
    Run on


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