Run down

I have been feeling really run down the last few days. I know it’s because I started turning to sugary processed garbage.


I need a new perspective on things.

I have my 10k this Sunday. I am as prepared as I’m going to be. I got in 2 miles yesterday. I’m hoping to get in 2-3 miles tomorrow.

At this point I do feel like I am going through the motions and not really enjoying anything. I know it’s because I’m bummed about my working situation. Nothing I can do to change it, except change my mind. Probably one of the hardest things to do is to change one’s mindset.

Ok here’s my plan. I am thinking of taking next week off of running, focus on yoga, and do a simple 4 day cleanse. It’s called the Indian Seneca diet. Basically the first day you eat nothing but fruit, second day nothing but herbal tea, third day vegetable, and fourth day vegetable broth. I have done this before. I am hoping to gain some mind clarity.

Have you ever tried a cleanse? What worked for you?



4 thoughts on “Run down

  1. magnuminsp says:

    What worked for me was the GNC 7 day cleanse. It is how I discovered my gluten issue. Most cleanses are the same, just the order. You stay away from processed foods, sugar, caffeine, have mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. After day two, I felt so much better!
    I think it was 34 bucks, but sometimes, they have it on sale for buy one, get one half off or something like that. I usually do it every three months.

  2. Taahpe says:

    I haven’t ever tried a cleanse, but I have been thinking about it. I try to eat mostly stuff I can cook myself, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement!

  3. martha84 says:

    Taking a week off when you are feeling burned out is the best way to go! By the end of that week you will be itching to get back to the things you love… Trust me! And if the cleanse has helped you in the past, go for it!

  4. Fatima says:

    Heading for the mat is a smart thing to do. The postures, focusing on breathing, and being in the present will clear your head. As for your work situation, the right answer will come along. Focus on the present and good luck.

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