3 miles

I was thinking that I would do yoga today since the Tuesday time changed to 8 am instead of 9 am. It just didn’t happen since I wanted to run today. I think my plan for this week is just to run every day until Friday or Saturday. Then do yoga on both or one of the days. If you haven’t noticed by now I like to keep my plans a little loose.

Today’s run was great. The Mapmyrun app has upgraded to tell you your stats at every mile. Genius, really! I know other apps do that. However I am lazy and have no space on my phone to try and download apps just to “try”. I guess I could delete “angry birds” and “words with friends”…but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

I hit my first mile at 11:29. I was thinking “not bad, considering I am 5 minutes into this hill I’m climbing”. Second mile in my time is around 10:30. I guess the whole “knowing what pace I’m going” helps speed things up a bit. Because mile 3 was 10:03. With a total time of 32:43. Maybe this app might help improve my time?


We were out of yogurt for the dogs, so they got my delicious Greek yogurt this week. Which means my breakfast will consist of these items for the rest of the week…


It was delicious, just not the same.

Thought on knowledge of your pace during your runs? Make you faster, slow you down?



4 thoughts on “3 miles

  1. Henry Runs says:

    I have a Garmin and look at it occasionally to see what kind of pace I am running. It’s hard to get a feel sometimes because our area is so hilly so I try to focus on the area’s that feel relatively flat for my pace. What’s interesting is sometimes my pace will be slower than it feels like I am running so I speed up but other times I can’t believe how fast I am going and slow down. I try to be consistent though it’s not a skill I have mastered yet.

  2. cronesk says:

    I love how the app says you don’t burn any calories! My same app dies on me at times and I lose the whole workout! Time is helpful, but getting out and doing it is as always, the BEST.
    You rock.

  3. coachdougbowers says:

    For some reason I never check my pace. I run according to how I feel and check my time at the end…usually. I’m happy to finish any distance over 10 km! ( Canada eh!)I think that’s because I don’t “race”, I just run. Most of the other people I run with are almost obsessed about checking their times while I’m over checking out some flowers or chasing a squirrel or finding a new trail!
    You seem to be running at a decent time.Well done good and faithful runner!


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