Back in the saddle again!

Hello lovelies!


Finally got out on the road very gingerly of course! It rained last night, and I was running for feel. I didn’t want to feel any pain. I did feel some tightness in my knee in the beginning. I backed off and then relaxed into a pretty nice run.


Post run I whipped out the skillet and made myself a spinach, mushroom scramble.


I topped it with some light string cheese and the best salsa ever!


If you like a spicy kick, check it out 🙂

I have about 8 days until my 10k in Sacramento. I know I probably won’t hit my original goal. I just know I’ll play it by ear and try to have fun. That’s more important in the long run anyways.

(Get it? Long run, long run! I’m so punny)

Do you have a race coming up?

What’s your favorite salsa?



2 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again!

  1. Jess says:

    I have my first ever 5k through the Bronx Zoo in a couple of weeks! I’m so excited. I just want to finish it, and have fun racing past all of the animals!

    My favorite salsa is Newman’s Own Peach Salsa. It’s so delicious! I am a sucker for fruit with a little bit of a kick.

    Good luck in Sacramento!

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