Mad walkin’

Hello cross training! Today I totally did some “mad walkin'”. It’s really not much different from regular walking. It’s considered “mad walkin'” simply because I was pretty pissed while I was doing it. I was really really pissed when I saw a dude running past me as I continued to “mad walk” past him.


This went on for 2 miles. And I felt pretty good by the end. I even worked up a little bit of sweat! Score!

Tomorrow I am so going for a run, today’s walk was pain free and limp free. I’ll take that as I’m totally ready to run (or at least run/walk) 2 miles.

What’s your favorite cross training activity?



3 thoughts on “Mad walkin’

  1. catslondonmarathon says:

    I’m completely with you. I’m supposed to be training for the London Marathon in 9 days time, and have been injured for 6 weeks with a knee problem, so had to ‘X train’ instead of run. How frustrating to see others enjoying what I’d love to be doing. I’ve been ‘mad spinning’, ‘mad swimming’ and using the X trainer at the gym (also in a ‘mad’ fashion!). Aqua jogging or walking in a swimming pool is also supposed to be great exercise and good for rehabilitating injuries. I walked 30 minutes of our gym 25 metre pool yesterday and my quads were sore today, so it definitely did something!!! I’m just hoping I will be able to at least run some of the 26.2 miles on April 22nd! Good luck and I hope you’re feeling much better soon šŸ™‚ Cat xx

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