Vices and Alternatives

In feeling very motivated to eat as cleanly as I possibly can this week. My knee still hurts. I think I’ll be up for a bike ride tomorrow. Since I won’t be burning the calories I usually do, the diet has to change slightly.

Confession: I have had a bit too much sugar in my diet lately. Mostly consisting of a Cadbury creme egg at night.

Breakfast is staying the same


Lunch is chicken with hummus, green beans, and sweet potato fries.


Dinner will include chicken, quinoa, and green beans.


Snacks will be a kashi go lean bar, and an apple with some hazelnut butter.



Finish the night with some hot tea.

I am looking forward to Easter being over and the creme eggs going out of production for at least another year.

Stupid vice

Tell me about your vices.



10 thoughts on “Vices and Alternatives

  1. Bugg says:

    Carbs. Specifically pasta and bread. I love to eat piles and piles of noodles of any kind and I crave them constantly.

  2. runningreflections says:

    Omg, I ate my starting weight in Cabury creme eggs. I’m glad that Easters over, even though there were still plenty of them at CVS yesterdat…candy does it to me every time.

  3. savor the sweet life says:

    I have so much chocolate around the house thanks to the Easter bunny! I keep brining it to work for the office candy dish to get it out of my sight. haha But I just love those reeses peanut butter I don’t bring those for the dish! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Anne says:

    Reese’s anything. Two more Reester Bunnies in the Easter basket. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least the candy is not as prevalent in the stores any more. My husband is probably crying that he can’t go buy his giant bags of holiday candy.

  5. diary of a dashinista says:

    +1 for the carbs, specifically bread – I just can’t leave it alone!

    Ahh, I’m glad you guys also have Cadburys chocolate now – I’ve been suffering for YEARS with the annual Easter influx of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs. especially the Mini Eggs, I think they must coat them in crack – far too addictive for just plain chocolate!

  6. Henry Runs says:

    My biggest vice would probably be anything Reese’s related. I have to stay far, far away from them. There is no such thing as eating just one. Or 10 for that matter!

  7. celtichippie says:

    I can leave sweets on the counter until they go bad. For me it’s pizza and pasta. double if there’s wine or beer around.

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