It’s inevitable really. The fact that eventually when you train/work out intensely you will eventually become injured. Last night I was lying on the couch minding my own business when I felt it. That twinge feeling like I hurt myself.

I had worked a full 8 hour shift and been on my feet all day long. I had not worked out since the day before when I ran the 8 hilly miles.


Why does it feel like I overextended my knee?

So today I rested as best as I could. Which meant no work out. I am seriously pissed off about that. I guess I could just use this time to think about how to NOT injure myself.

But first I went and saw Hunger Games with Carmat…


We sat in the front row so I could prop up my leg. The E in rice, elevate. I’m glad I read the book, I think it was a little confusing for Carlo. I think if they would have had Katniss’ voice explaining things during the games like she does in the book it would have been easier to understand.

Then we hit up our fave for lunch.


Off to do more of the RICE…

I was thinking I would take 2-4 days off. Play it by ear until I feel better.

Do you have any tips on RICE-ing?



9 thoughts on “Rice?

  1. Kris says:

    Don’t have any recovery tips, but I am glad I wasn’t the only one feeling that way about the movie. I went with a group who all read the book and loved the movie. I was disappointed. I should know by now the book is always better and the more the hype, the bigger the let down. Feel better!

  2. trikatykid says:

    Kind of ironic. The dog I’ve been taking care of has had the serious runs so I had to put her on a rice diet .. rice seems to be the cure for all ailments. Hope you are feeling yourself soon. Don’t panic – it could correct itself from an overnight rest. You’re doing the right thing!!

  3. Bugg says:

    My only tip is to use a bag of frozen veggies for the I part of RICE. It’s not quite as shockingly cold as ice and conforms to the knee (or whatever area needs it) better than ice. Just make sure to mark the bags as non-edible so someone doesn’t eat them (not good with all the thawing and re-freezing). Hope it feels better soon. I’m sitting here with mixed veggies on my shinsplints as I type this 🙂

  4. Henry Runs says:

    Sorry to hear about your knee pain. I don’t have anything to offer differently than everyone else except to just say I sympathize with you. Hopefully it will be a quick recovery!

  5. mzsura says:

    I feel like I am always getting injured and unfortunately I am currently sharing in your knee pains. I think the hardest part is resting it enough to let it heal but not completely falling out of a workout regimen… Good luck!

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