Weekly Recap: 4/1 – 4-7

Hello and happy Easter! I am not having the best of Easters, as I am at work….so with out further ado here’s last week’s breakdown.

Sunday- run 5
Monday- run 3
Tuesday- Core Synergistics
Wednesday- off
Thursday-Run 2.87
Friday- Yoga X
Saturday- run 8

Total miles 18.87
Total time in front of tony Horton, 2 hrs 30 minutes.

Not bad for a recovery week. I was supposed to throw in another yoga video, but feel really satisfied with the 8 mile run.

Phase 2 done!

How’s your Easter??



6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: 4/1 – 4-7

  1. siany1 says:

    Well done! I have done nothing (well on top of my daily 10 mile walk to and from work) – work has gone crazy at the moment! 😦 normal life shall resume soon I’m sure.

  2. livingafter30 says:

    My Easter was non-eventful. I took my rest day/break from Tony Horton yesterday. Started week 9 today and once again my arms are ready to fall off. πŸ™‚

    What do you do for a living that you are working nights? In my mind you’re a nurse. HAHA! No clue why, but that’s what I’ve imagined. LOL

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