Day off in the city

I had gotten a text a few days ago about an appointment for my hair stylist opening up on my day off. I was beyond excited! The next soonest appointment was May 12. I have known this lady for almost 10 years. She always does an amazing job.

I went from this…


To this..



She has a salon in San Francisco, works at another salon in Petaluma, and sometimes I even go to her house to get my hairs cut. Today I got to visit the SF salon for the first time.

Her salon was around the corner from a mini china town sort of street. Hubs had driven me there, and walked around to scope out our lunch spot after the haircut.

He found this amazing home in the wall bar…


They serve dogfish head on TAP!


If you know anything about beer, you understand what a rare find this is. He was excited, and I couldn’t wait to hit it up!

But first we opted to get some local flavor…


Yes, it included duck heads…


I took a bite…but was not a fan


Then hubs forced me to drink a pint of the dogfish head “hell hound”. Evidently they only brew very small batches of it, and only sell it by the keg.


It was amazing! A must try!

We also picked up some Dim Sum!


I told hubs we should have just gotten dim sum. The dumplings were so good!


This place was no joke. If you wanted any dumplings, you had to order 3 at a time AND you had to get the same ones. I heard one lady try to order one of each of a certain type. The lady looked at her and was like “we no do that!!!!”

Dim Sum Nazi!

The customer totally backed down and said she would see her next week.

Too funny!

We got 2 pork buns and 3 shrimp dumplings to split.


The inside of a pork bun


Hubs wanted to try a shark fin dumpling. I was like “hell no”. I wasn’t adding to that disaster…

Overall it was amazing day! And no I’m probably not going to work out. And ya I’ll probably get comments about drinking…doesn’t matter. The beer was THAT good! If you come across it, you HAVE to try it!

Have you ever tried duck head?

What’s the weirdest food you have tried?



16 thoughts on “Day off in the city

  1. Big Mike's World says:

    That beer sounds good right about now.

    Never had duck head but did some Peking Duck in China before. I also loved those steamed buns while in Japan. I used to get the curried ox tail one all the time. There were other kinds but I didn’t know any of the translation for the other words on the sign except ox. At least I hope it was ox tail..?!?! I made the mime for a tail and they shook their heads yes.

  2. maxineyvr says:

    What a great post! That is such a cute bar and I will have to check it out next time I am in SFO. Your hair looks incredible; brings out your eyes.
    The weirdest thing I ate was a pig ear salad at a Macanese-Portuguese restaurant in Macau. It was nasty little bites of crunchy, slimy, fat. The buns look good.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Slimy, crunchy, and fat doesn’t sound appetizing…but to say you tried it. Totally worth the gag factor in my book πŸ™‚ thanks for the compliment on my hair. Hubs was pretty shocked I went so short, and wasn’t enthused.

  3. cutedogsandhugs says:

    Very cute ‘do! Mmm, I love me some dim sum. I’ve never tried duck head, but I like chicken feet, which most people would be consider weird. I’ve also had tripe (cow stomach), goose heart, sweetbreads… can’t think of what other strange foods but those top the list. Haha I guess kangaroo might be on the list too?

  4. Aimee says:

    Dogfish head on tap = WIN! Have you ever head bitches brew? I had it last Friday when John and I were out. It’s a big beer [you might have to cut it with a knife;) ], but it was so worth it. I’ll have to try the Hell Hound…thanks for the suggestion!

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