Monday on Tuesday?

Yesterday really threw me for a loop, but today feels like a fresh start to the week. What’s great about this week is that I have already done some work (5 miler on Sunday, and 3 miler on Monday) and it feels like Monday. Here’s the schedule P90X says I should do this week. I’m following the lean version and this week is the last week of phase 2.


I decided to go with core synergistics, my fave! Since it is a “recovery week”, I used weights for only a few of the exercises. And I used lighter 8lb weights instead of the 10’s I’ve been working with.

What’s tripping me out is that I will have to do two sessions of 90 minutes of yoga at the end of the week. I’m hoping my work schedule will allow for me to hit up the yoga studio at least once.


I always find myself jamming in a bunch of harder work outs at the end of the week.

Post work out breakfast…


Again my fave, Greek yogurt, cashew almond and walnut butter, banana slices, and kashi go lean crunch cereal.

Do you find your harder work outs at the end of your week?



14 thoughts on “Monday on Tuesday?

  1. thisismyeverest says:

    I’m training for a 5k and I noticed now that I’m up to the last few weeks, the C25k program has easier workouts at the beginning of the week and the hard ones at the end. I hate that, so I’ve decided to abandon the official regimen and work off my own. I’d rather a consistently difficult workout than a mix of easier and harder. I know easy days are necessary to give your muscles a rest, but considering I’m only doing the running 3 times a week, I feel like I should be giving it my all every time! It feels counterproductive to backtrack. At least until I can run the whole thing…then maybe I’ll change my tune once I get to that goal. πŸ˜‰

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I find myself abandoning scheduled work outs. I think you should do what feels good for you. You know exactly what you can do, and as long as you’re not running on an injury or risking an injury I say go for it! Good luck on your 5K!

  2. tattybogles says:

    Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. I like yours too. It seems we have similar goals in mind. I was wondering if you could please provide links to whatever you can in your posts? Like, P90x or the yoga sessions, places you go running, etc. It makes it easier to find the stuff you’re talking about. If you don’t know how, I’d be happy to tell you. It’s easy. Good on ya, have a great springtime day! P.S. Love your run in a squall story (I wear glasses – I’ve found that baseball hats/visors are excellent for sun glare and also for keeping most rain off my lenses).

  3. theblondeshelter says:

    I’m training for a marathon. Nothing about this is easy especially since I am stuck in a lazy funk right now and I am working the graveyard shift at work. I allow myself a few schedule shifts every week but still try to get in some miles. I’m at the beginning right now so there isn’t a lot of milage going on but I don’t know what I’ll do as the milage increases. Thankfully, this work schedule is temporary and I will be able to go back to living like a normal human being shortly. I have great respect for people that do P90X. I know it isn’t easy so props to you for getting it done. πŸ™‚

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Thanks for the props! AND major props to you for even attempting to train for a marathon. I did one last year, and did not fully train. I think my longest run was something like 17 miles and I walked a few miles of it….total FAIL! Anyways I am hoping to do one at the end of the year. They are addicting after all. Good luck with your marathon, and I totally know what you mean by having a crazy weird schedule. Some weeks I don’t know what’s up from down.

  4. livingafter30 says:

    Brace yourself for Phase 3. They TOTALLY change it up. I was all pumped to do Core Synergistics on Sunday and when I opened my iPhone app it said “Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X”. LOL

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