Runday Eats!

My Sunday morning started with this


Which lead to this…


For those of you who don’t follow my blog regularly, I normally do not work out on Sunday’s. However the husband decided to go to a gun show and leave me at home with my own devices…

Overall I hope it works out as a wash…

Now to the eats!

Post run I made my last green smoothie for the “Green Smoothie Challenge”.


Frozen berries, banana, spinach, green yogurt, peanut butter, and some kashi go lean crunch cereal on top. It was the best one I made to date. I’m not fully on the green smoothie love train, but I guess it’s not so bad after awhile.

Mid morning snack:


Lunch, black bean patty, sweet potato, and green beans.


Post lunch snackie doodle cucumber and hummus


Dinner, chicken, grilled peppers, quinoa, and peas


Last snackeroo of the day, apple slices and cottage cheese


Now time to head to work!

What’s your Sunday eats like?



8 thoughts on “Runday Eats!

  1. atothewr says:

    Sunday eats: Whatever tastes good? Tough decision for me and my wife.

    Nice 5 mile time. I average about that myself.

  2. livingafter30 says:

    That donut looks AMAZING! I had left overs today…twice. But it was sooooo delicious. I just posted the recipe on my blog for a lemon butter caper sauce that was AMAZING (and super low cal)!

  3. cronesk says:

    I luv your food photos! I read that drinking alcohol really puts on the calories, as much as the donut! Good luck! Whole grains make great fuel like kamut, make a bunch, pop in fridge, nuke when you eat breakfast!!!

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