Super Saturday!

I know I wanted to get both Carlo and I out and doing something physical today. I was thinking bike ride, run or hike. When I woke up I knew I wanted to hike. We headed to Rockville Park. It’s about 5-6 miles from my house.


It was drizzly, but not bad enough to turn around. I figured it was now or never. We ended up doing my favorite trail…


Can you guess which one we did? Yep, Devil’s Backbone.

Here we are before we started.


Carlo at the base of the monstrous hill…


There was lots of this…


Uphill on rocks, good times!

Around half way I got a call from hubs telling me that a crazy storm will be hitting us soon. I told him I would be done in plenty of time…I was totally wrong!


It was raining so hard we couldn’t see in front of us. I was running to try to finish faster, but I had no hood or hat to keep the rain out of my eyes. I held both of my hands around my eyes, and it didn’t help. I slowed down and tried to wait it out under a tree. It just got worse. Carlo and I both just started cracking up. He says “you are crazy Tiffany! Only you would have us running around in crazy rain!”


Overall it was a good time, I’m glad we did it. And I don’t think we will ever forget it!


We totally spent over an hour in the rain. About 25 minutes of it, it was pouring. I mean like cats and dogs. It was like we were in a cold shower!

Once we got in the car, I blasted the heater and we both high 5’d. And Carlo tells me “we are totally Awesome!”

Love that kid!

While Carlo showered and ate breakfast I rolled out my yoga mat and got to work on this weeks yoga sesh.


I wasn’t going to do anything, but I decided to hit up the fitness work outs on Comcast to see what I could find. I went with the advanced mat with John Vitarelli. It was challenging, but I hate this guys voice. Overall a good practice.

We ended up meeting hubs at his work and headed to Carlo’s favorite joint.


I got to have lunch with my 2 favorite guys.


Aren’t they cute?

For lunch I opted for the chicken tortilla soup. It’s super thick and filling with a kick at the end. I get the large size and usually finish all but a few bites. So good. I think the calorie count is somewhere around 450…


And I did have a green/purple smoothie for breakfast this morning…


I shot gunned it after yoga…

Have you ever been caught in a down pour while exercising?

What’s your Saturday like?



3 thoughts on “Super Saturday!

  1. Big Mike's World says:

    Sounds like an awesome day!

    When the wife and I were stationed at Travis we loved going to Rockville. It had some great single track for Mt. Biking. The best bike rides are in the rain. Especially in Cali. The temp stays up and the rain helps cool ya off. Oh how I miss Cali!

  2. RoniLynn says:

    what’s in your green/purple smoothie? I’m slowly getting into smoothies. I have a Magic Bullet that my aunt gave my mom to help with mom’s appetite issues when she was sick. I now have that cute mini blender in MY possession. Makes whipping up quick smoothies SO simple.

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