Quick morning!

I started this morning with shoulders, triceps and back. Whatever the order is, you do tons of exercises that focus on those muscles. I am completely obsessed with this video (especially after trying something new/old Taebo yesterday ::shudder::). I love how I feel after this video, my arms are pulsating after every exercise. It’s like bringing life into my weak muscles. Bring it Tony!

I finished up with Ab ripper x…always painful, always worth it!

My quick morning ended with another green/brown/purple smoothie.


I tried it with chocolate almond milk instead of rice milk. Best to let the chocolate almond milk serve as a post run drink on its own. I’m not a fan in the green smoothie. Plus it turned the smoothie into a really unappetizing color…

What’s your favorite muscle group to work on?

How’s your green smoothie challenge going??



15 thoughts on “Quick morning!

      • magnuminsp says:

        Since you had to Google it, I’ll assume you are one of those “young uns”! 🙂
        I did make a shake today using the Isopure vanilla and a half a teaspoon of cocoa mix. Very tasty..and not green!
        Have a great weekend!

  1. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    I am a fan of arm exercises, too. And the routine you did today is probably my all time favorite though I always felt like a dork trying to “throw the bomb” left handed!! And Jerry Rice? loved rice but how long has it been since these guys have watched an NFL game? haha.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      HAHAHA! I was totally thinking of the same thing today while watching it! Besides those muscled out guys probably don’t watch a lot of football…too into themselves 🙂

  2. atothewr says:

    Prefer to work the legs and run.

    Though I do work the upper body after I run, but I’m not super focused on it. I’m just trying to stay toned.

  3. Ironvan says:


    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my picture. From what I can see, you and already share many things, namely wine and running! WIN WIN! I look forward to following along your adventure. Take care and visit again soon!

  4. torunwiththegaels says:

    Ab Ripper X?! Sounds awesome! I was just about to say that my favourite workout is a core workout – upper planks, side planks, bridges, scissors – you name it! One of my favourites chants is “More. Core. More. Core.”

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