Brass, smoothies, and Taebo

This morning started with Brass and I running close to 4 miles. It wasn’t very fast since Brass was done after 2 miles. 11:2x something was just too slow. I didn’t feel right, not sure if Brass will be coming on many more runs with me.


How can I be mad at this face??


After the run the torture real fun began. My boss wanted me to try a work out video she considered very difficult.


Hello Billy Blanks! Here’s what I liked about the video:

*It made me sweat.
*I definitely felt like I got a work out in.
*The amount of reps felt good, not too many, or too few.
*I felt like I was working different muscles differently. In the words of Tony Horton “variety is the spice of life”
*The arm part of the video was challenging, and felt good.

Here’s what I disliked:

*I am not coordinated for the foot work (exactly why I will NEVER like Zumba!)
*I couldn’t use my 8lb weights since all the weight work was cardio.
*There was other combo moves that I couldn’t get down, even after doing it slowly 2-3 times. When they got to the cardio part I was just moving all crazy and it didn’t feel right.
*when it was over I was thinking “that’s it”?

Brass sat on the couch during the entire work out and supervised.


Green smoothie for breakfast!


Large handful of spinach
Frozen banana
Rice milk
Greek yogurt
And kashi I lean crunch on top

It was kinda thick, so I ate it with a spoon.

Then we got a special delivery!


Hubs got an email about a special release of this wine to wine club members. He felt special, so he bought 3 bottles and had them shipped to us. I look forward to trying this new wine tonight!

Have you tried Taebo? What did you think?

Does your adorable dog ever slow down your running?



22 thoughts on “Brass, smoothies, and Taebo

  1. tootallfritz says:

    I love TaeBo but haven’t done it forever. Sometimes you have to go over the foot work a bit before it clicks. That is the postive about doing it at home where you can “rewind”. Great job!

  2. ceciliamk says:

    My dog ALWAYS slows me down. She runs fast but is constantly stopping to sniff around. I haven’t been taking her, and I do feel bad about that.

  3. cutedogsandhugs says:

    Your puppy is adorable. How old is she? We usually take ours on our 3 mile runs, and he’s done after about 1.5 miles and we’re basically dragging him the rest of the way.

    TaeBo is old school, but always a butt kicking workout. Do you think you’ll do it again?

  4. daneenc says:

    Brass is such a cutie! Chocolate lab?

    I have a golden. I remember the good ol’ days when her energy motivated me to “win the race” by tiring her, although I’m sure she could always have outrun me. She’s getting older now and I can only take her out for 3km at a time before she stubbornly sits on her bum, refusing to run any further. 😛

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Brass is a terrier. It’s a very rare breed from the uk. Basically the same temperament as a jack russell, only solid in color. Most common color is black, but we have 3 chocolate ones! I love him to death, but wish he would keep up with me. He’s just lazy!

  5. Gina says:

    Great post! I love Taebo. I have the same dvd at home, but honestly I don’t think I’ve tried it yet. But now I definitely will! I actually had the pleasure of meeting Billy Blanks in person and worked out in a class with him in Nashville. Awesome!!! I always feel very powerful after a taebo workout. High energy. Great cardio. 🙂

  6. The Love of a Dog says:

    Okay, Brass is adorable. Cuddle for hours kind of adorable. As for TaeBo, I agree with you on the coordination thing (same for Zumba), I just don’t have the ability to do some of that footwork due to my own clumsy nature (also, the man on the cover looks terrifying…). After this workout, do you think it’s something you would try again- maybe with a different dvd? If you find one that works for the footwork challenged, you should let us know! Keep up the workouts, you’re doing great!
    – Anastasia

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Got it at Petco on clearance. But they have other types there o choose from. I think they just got rid of that brand. I know I need to get more of a masculine harness for him.

  7. jsheravanich says:

    Hello, This entry is so inspired.

    Your dog, Brass, is so lovely. It’s really cute. I have never tried Taebo but I am gonna try it if I have a chance but I’m doing Power 90 now because of my weakness from not exercise at all for almost 8 years. I’m in progress to be healthier. Thanks to Tony Horton 🙂

  8. Anne says:

    My dog has two speeds: sprinting or stopping to sniff everything. Sometimes I welcome the break, and sometimes I want to throttle her! But she is pretty freaking adorable.

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