Legs and Back!

I started my day with going out to breakfast with the hubs. We don’t really see each other too much during the week, he works days, I work nights. Since we had the morning off we headed over to


Definitely not our favorite restaurant. However our dentist office sent us 2, $25 gift cards.


I ordered some sort of frittata…


It was watery, and I traded hubs for his about 1/2 way through. He got a quiche. It also wasn’t that great since they decided to put a gob of cheese in the middle. I ate the crust and then I was done.

We headed home, and I put together my pull up bar. Hubs is afraid in gonna get too buff, but once it was together he tried it out first. You know to make sure it could hold his weight, and show off. Here it is in the doorway.


Then I had to how him up,


After we were done showing off, I turned on the dreaded “legs and back”. I did every exercise and felt like I was going deeper in my lunges and squats than I was last week.

I definitely needed to use a chair for my pull ups, regardless it felt very rewarding! My goal is to do pull ups unassisted by the end of p90x. This is week 3 of phase 2, so I have about 5 weeks to meet it. Thanks again to socially fit blog for bringing some encouragement to my workout today!

I also did Ab ripper x! Woot, woot! It was raining, so I moved my run to Thursday.

Now for the green smoothie challenge…

Here’s my ingredients:

Frozen banana (this time I actually slice it and removed the peel before putting it in the freezer, yesterday I had a banana fail!)
Frozen berries
Rice milk
Large handful of spinach

Topped off with large handful of kashi go lean crunch.


This one was super delish! It’s not green, but trust me, I put a lot of spinach in there!

How’s your green smoothie challenge going?

Thoughts on pull ups?



26 thoughts on “Legs and Back!

  1. Big Mike's World says:

    Congrats on doing your pull ups today! As you get stronger move that chair farther away from you so you use more of your back than legs.

    Anyone who runs their own half marathon will reach their goal and probably surpass it. Keep it going!

  2. girlofthehour says:

    Just started reading your blog….love it 🙂 I can’t do a pull up to save my life! We have a pull up bar and I’ve tried to do pull ups….not happening! I envy you 😉 Love my green smoothie in the morning.

  3. livingafter30 says:

    Awesome job on the pull ups!!! I’m on Week 4 of Phase 2 with no hopes of doing a pull up this go around. I’m hoping by the end of round 3 of P90X I’ll be able to do one. Or at least one barely assisted with the chair. HAHA!

    I’m also too scared to try a pull up bar in my doors until I’m at least under 200#. 🙂

  4. stevebonthrone says:

    Looking good! I went through a phase last summer of having a green smoothie for breakfast every morning using a ripened banana (the browner the better), handful of spinach leaves, handful of curly kale and half a glass of water. It looked like Kermit the Frog after a fight with the blender and tasted fantastic – for a green drink, all you could taste was the banana! Must try it again sometime with the berries, after my marathon probably.

    Pull Ups are a brilliant exercise! If you find them really tough, lie face-down on the floor and extend your arms out in front of you. Hold a towel in your hands (hands should be shoulder-width apart), lift your head and chest up and pull the towel in towards your chest then return to starting position. Have fun!

  5. alijanine says:

    I started doing the chair pull ups as well after watching the p90x videos. I feel like there is such a huge jump from doing assisted to just doing my own body weight. Still can’t do one without assistance haha. Good luck on your goal 🙂

  6. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    Nice job getting the pull up bar together. It wasnt as hard as it looked, was it?? Haha.

    And i was cutting a few bananas in half and putting them in ziplock bags for the freezer the other day… Coach Crystal looked at me like I had lost my mind before asking… “how do you expect to remove the peel when it is frozen on the banana?” I said it would probably come right off, but would let her have her way and go ahead and peel them before freezing…. so she was right about the peel??

  7. coachdougbowers says:

    Peeling frozen bananas, I think we’ve all been there!
    I’m a huge fan of smoothies – green – blue – orange – yellow – my wife has given me the title of ‘official smoothie maker’ because I make the best of the best smoothies, but I think there might be an underlying sneaky reason behing that as well!

    A little tip for conquering the pull up ( I have the same bar by the way) Use the chair for assistance as needed – get all the way up, bar to upper chest if possible then, do a negative or resistance or many other names for it…basically when you’re in top position, just using your strength without the chair (until you absolutely have to), slowly lower yourself down to starting position. Then chair assist up again.
    It greatly increases your strength. I’ve used this technique with quite a few people with decent success.
    Juuu kin duuu eeet!


      • coachdougbowers says:

        snickers bar? No but that’s an interesting thought!

        I blend every berry, fruit and veggie I can find – hence the colors. Spinach and Barley grass galore.

        Snickers bar …hmmmm

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