Green smoothies, and running with dogs

Today is the first day of “The Green Smoothie Challenge”. Check out the details hereBut first I got my usual Monday work out in.

Run 3 miles

Core Synergistics

I ran the 3 miles with both, Vinny and klairesy.


It’s always a challenge to get them all hooked up together. Once we are about a mile in, they get in a groove. They were keeping up pretty well. We finished 3 miles around 10:30 a mile. Not too bad for taking a week off for them. My phone was on the fritz this morning, so I don’t have record of my run. Grr.

Next up, core synergistics. I love this work out so much. I do look forward to it after my run. I skip part of the warm up where they run in place, since I am already warm. I stretch out my legs and go! I did it all! I even did the bonus. It’s only 3 moves, and I rocked it! I did the plank to chaturanga run! The whole minute. I felt very very strong this morning. My push ups were deeper, I wasn’t doing anything on my knees. I was doing burpees on the prison cell pushups. Awesomeness! Nothing beats the great feelings after a great work out 🙂

My green smoothie ingredients:

Rice milk
Greek yogurt
Peanut butter
Handful of spinach
Kashi go lean crunch cereal on top


I didn’t love my green smoothie, but I think I’ll tweak it for tomorrow. I picked up some frozen berries, so I’m going to try that with out the peanut butter tomorrow.

I’m getting caught up on my Atlanta housewives, and I just saw a preview of New Jersey! They are, by far, my favorite housewives! Eek!

Are you doing “The Smoothie Challenge”? Do you have any tips?


21 thoughts on “Green smoothies, and running with dogs

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Great work out today and I bet the terriers had fun!!!!

    I always know I’ve made a good green smoothie when it isn’t green. Here is my favorite:

    100 g Greek Yogurt
    2/3 c Skim Milk (added protein!)
    140 g Frozen Fruit (I like mixed berries best)
    130 g banana (it’s an average size banana – bonus points if it is sliced and frozen)
    Big fist full of spinach
    1 tsp Stevia

    Tastes good and technically it’s green. (And if I need even more protein, I add a half scoop of protein powder.)

  2. confessionsofthemid20s says:

    I just had this delicious green smoothie this morning

    scoop of plain greak yogurt
    1/4 cup of almond milk
    big handful of spinach
    1/2 of banana
    3 fresh strawberries
    slice of avocado
    chopped fresh cilantro (great for detoxification of the body not to mention a great fresh taste)
    chia seeds

  3. thisismyeverest says:

    I prefer kale to spinach in my green smoothie but it takes my magic bullet MUCH longer to liquify it, that’s the only problem! Kale is much more coarse. I’ve never added PB to a green smoothie but I’m intrigued… I usually keep it really simple, just fresh fruit, kale or spinach, soy milk, and blend! Adding frozen banana as opposed to fresh really makes it delicious. I imagine freezing any fruit would do the same.

  4. mzsura says:

    O0o0o I like the idea of crunch cereal on top. Sometimes when I make our hemp protein shakes they don’t always taste that great but I’m thinking the crunch cereal will make it a little better with some texture.

  5. livingafter30 says:

    I’m starting the 3 day Shakeology cleanse today. Hoping it will help me fight off this head cold that is starting today, plus I ate like crap all weekend. Your green smoothie looks really good!!

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