Weekly Recap: 3/18-3/24

2 words, Awesome week. For me, I felt accomplished, I worked out 6 days this week. I brought intensity to all of my work outs. I am hoping to see some kind of movement on the scale tomorrow.

Sun- mandatory rest day

Monday-13.1 miles (best day!)

Tuesday- Core Synergistics, I felt really good about this work out this week. Especially those walking push ups!

Wednesday- Cardio X, I like this work out. I am thinking of switching it out for a 6 mile run next week. I don’t like to get bored…

Thursday-Run 3 miles and Hot Yoga for 90 minutes.

Friday- Chest, Shoulder’s, and Triceps. Tony brings the hurt every time with this work out. LOVE IT!

Saturday- Legs and Back, only fail of the week, I minused the back (again!). A few of my reader’s have pointed out to me that I am slacking! Total fit blogger fail! So I have accepted this challenge (I know you didn’t literally challenge me, but in my mind, it’s how I roll) And I will have the back exercises done by Tuesday. So please read the blogs leading up to then, I may surprise you and do the exercises on Monday! ::crazy laugh::

Thank you consultants over at http://sociallyfitblog.wordpress.com/ for reading my blog and putting some pressure on me. I totally love it! Ps your blog is pretty nifty!

How was your week? Any fails?



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