Sunday Eats!

I really love Sunday’s! I am heading out the door for a much needed pedicure before I go to work. But first here are my Sunday eats.

Breakfast was my favorite, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, banana, and kashi go lean cereal.


Apple and cheese for my first snackie!


Lunch is veggie burger with broccoli.


Hummus and cucumber slices for my next snackarooni!


Dinner is trout and broccoli


Last snack of the day is gonna be cottage cheese and an orange or 2


I’m keeping it pretty low carb today for lunch and dinner, I find on days where I don’t workout I’m not as hungry. Imagine that?

Speaking of hunger, did you go see the “Hunger Games” this weekend? Have you read the book?

I did pick up the book, and I am going to start reading it today. Everyone who talks about it, says it’s an amazing must read!



10 thoughts on “Sunday Eats!

  1. catslondonmarathon says:

    I agree. The Hunger Games is a must read. Not seen the film yet but might go this week. I’m a big fan of reading books before seeing the film. I had to read all 7 Harry Potters and the Dragon Tattoo trilogy before watching any of the films! I don’t like a film ruining the pictures I make in my mind! Enjoy the books. Oh and yummy eats today too. I feel inspired to plan my meals and snacks for tomorrow now! Have a good day!

      • ajsilbs says:

        Hey, LOVE this blog! You’re doing great work and it’s an inspiration to us all! Thanks for checking out/liking RunBigBoy!

        Also, MUST READ HUNGER GAMES! Read all three in a weekend, forced all family and friends to read them as well. And the movie was great, so get on that!

  2. Aimee says:

    Hi there! You and I had identical breakfasts this morning 🙂

    Also, I have the Hunger Games on my bookshelf, but have not yet read it. Maybe I’ll make that my commute read this week…..

  3. alijanine says:

    Ah! Loved the Hunger Games but I haven’t seen the movie yet…waiting for the crowds of teenagers to die down a bit 🙂 I think I devoured all three books really quickly haha

  4. cathyo says:

    You will love The Hunger Games. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. Be sure you have books 2 & 3 ready…you will want to keep going once you finish the first one! Enjoy!

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