Peanut butter hoarder?

Today’s work out was legs and back. However I totally ditched the back parts again! I know, total fail. I did it for a few reasons:
1) back was toast after the back, shoulders, triceps vid yesterday (need to work out a better schedule and not try to cram everything in at the end of the week)
2) I am not very mechanically inclined. And the iron gym did not come in one piece.


I pulled it out with every intention of putting it together. You know, as long as there were not more than 3 steps. It looked like more than 3, and I am totally cool off that! So I’ll get hubs to do it for me, and let him pick out a door frame that could potentially get ruined for the sake of my future ripped-ness

3) didn’t have time…woke up at 6:23, but I didn’t start until 7, and I had to grocery shop after and be at work by 10.

In the end I did my legs, and they are really sore. I used heavier 10lb weights today (instead of no weights or 8lb) for all of the squats, lunges, and anything else Tony told me to use weights for.

My favorite move has to be “The Groucho Walk”, not only is it difficult, but it’s at the end of the video. It’s not the last move, but close! Oh and they talk like they are Groucho an it makes me laugh.

After legs and back (with no back) I ate my breakfast, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and kashi go lean crunch. I had no bananas 😦


I went shopping for groceries, and as I was putting away my peanut butter I noticed something…I had like 4 or 5 more jars of peanut butter in the cabinet! Omg! Does that me a hoarder! A peanut butter hoarder?!?


What can I say? I like variety!

Last but not least, next week I am participating in the “green smoothie challenge”. You can read more about it on Basically you just eat a green smoothie once a day instead of your normal breakfast or afternoon snack. I got my bullet out and I’m all stocked up!


Here’s a basic green smoothie recipe:

1 banana
1-2 cups spinach (fresh not frozen)
1 cup milk (any kind)
3-4 ice cubes

Optional thing to add in

Peanut butter (obviously I’m all over that!)
Protein powder
Frozen fruit
Greek yogurt

And I like to put granola on top and eat it with a spoon!

If you want to participate go to and comment on her post about it, then start the smoothie-ing on Monday march 26!

What kinds of things do you like to hoard?

Do you like green smoothies?



25 thoughts on “Peanut butter hoarder?

  1. originalapplejunkie says:

    I have the exact same Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer sitting on my kitchen counter-top at home! 🙂

    I use it to make my apple juice..*yummmmmy*

  2. Kimberly / says:

    The smoothie sounds yummy! Hoarding… my husband informed me we have about 5 packages of tortilla shells. And we always seem to have excess spaghetti noodles. I guess in my mind, we’re always out of those!

  3. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    Pb is so good for shakes, but 2 cups of spinach?? My wife was drinking these spinach shakes before we started shakeology. I tried and eventually worked up to 8 spinach leaves — haha. Way, way less than one cup.

  4. Henry Runs says:

    I have been know to hoard peanut butter and really all things peanut related such as Kashi peanut butter bars and jars of peanuts.

    We do “Groucho’s” on our boot camp and it is funny because when we try to show the college students how to do them, they have no idea who Groucho is!

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