Sleeping in

On the agenda today

Run 4 miles
Chest, shoulders, triceps
Ab ripper x

What sleeping in allowed me to do

Chest, shoulders, and triceps

I knew what I wanted to do this morning, and I even woke up at 6:20 with out an alarm clock. However, I felt like I needed some extra rest. I looked at the clock and rolled back over in bed. It was actually a glorious moment. I didn’t stress about not getting the agenda done, all I was thinking about was nothing. I think sometimes your body just needs certain things. It’s my job to listen and oblige.

Chest, shoulders, and triceps was just as difficult as the first time doing it. I was immediately sore after the slow push ups. Lower down 1, 2, 3, and 4, raise up 1, 2, 3, and 4. Ack! Some other tough ones:

Pike push ups (I could do 12, but my head was about 3-5 inches from the ground)
One handed push ups (was able to do 10 on my knees)
Clapping push ups (I could do 6, I seriously can’t wait to do the airborne ones!)

Other than than I welcomed all the tricep exercises. My arms definitely hate me right now.

Breakfast as usual, Greek yogurt, kashi go lean crunch, peanut butter, and bananas. So good!


Have you done the chest, shoulders, and triceps video? What do you think of it?

How often does sleeping in get the best of you?



16 thoughts on “Sleeping in

  1. Big Mike's World says:

    Nice job on those pike pushups! I hate those but they are so good for gaining strength in the shoulders.

    I slept in today too. It was raining and my dogs wanted to cuddle. No run for me today but I will hit up a P90X video.

    Keep it up and good job on doing your own half marathon the other day!

  2. savor the sweet life says:

    Good job listening to your body! I like the chest, shoulders and tri video…but I can definitely relate to you and arm soreness. I notice it the next morning when I’m pouring my milk haha it’s always challenging lifting that gallon after working our the arms!

  3. elizabethhoward1 says:

    I am currently getting back into p90x. Just had a baby so I am super motivated-hating this post pregnancy body. My husband and I are doing yoga today! I love yoga!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I love yoga too! I don’t love the amount of time dedicated to yoga. It’s a hurdle in my mind…otherwise I really like the p90x yoga! Even when i am not doing p90x, I have found that it is a great compliment to running.

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