Restaurant Review: Creek Monkey Tap House

Hubs and I have visited this restaurant a few times, and each time has been a hit!


The restaurant is in an old Victorian house, it has a lot of character. I love that about this place. Their special was a corned beef and cabbage soup, I was tempted, but I was pretty much corned beef out. So hubs and I opted to split something. We went for the French dip. I love that this place does NOT put onions on this sandwich. We chose the red potato salad for the side. Both were delicious!


They also have a great selection of beers on tap! I went in knowing I wanted “monkey knife fight”, but they change their beers often and didn’t have any on tap. The server suggested something else that was similar. It was called 1500 something, I went onto their website and didn’t see anything with 1500 in the name. I know bad blogger!


It was an ipa and so hoppy…hoppy=happy Tiffany!


After the sandwich and the first beer we opted to go for one more teaser taste. (although after looking at the bill, we shoulda just opted for the pint glass since it only cost .50 cents less!). I got evil twin, and hubs got something pretty hoppy too! Both were delicious!


There were a lot of people there with groupons, and we felt very out of the loop! Another thing i need to keep up on ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall this restaurant is about a 8.75 out of 10. I would have rated it higher if I didn’t feel so gyped (jipped? Sp?) by the teaser glasses. The food is awesome, decent prices. About 10 bucks a plate, 5 bucks a beer. They were also advertising for a microbrew festival on April 21, if I hadn’t already asked for time off in April I would totally hit that up. So if you’re near Martinez, Ca and love beer, check it out!

This is definitely a place to check out, an hit up regularly if you live close enough.



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