Today I decided to reconnect with why I named my blog, “drinkrunyoga”. I started my day with an amazing 3 mile recovery run. It has been 2 days since my half marathon, and the 3 miles felt easy and fast. Even though my time was on the slower side.


I planned to finish before 8, change, and head out the door by 8:15 to my hot yoga class. The class starts at 9, and it’s about 15 minutes away. I definitely thought about skipping it or not going because it was so late. However it worked out I got to the yoga studio around 8:35, and waited a few minutes before I headed in.


I have been to this studio a few times, maybe over 6 months ago. So I didn’t qualify as a newbie for the newbie deal. 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $20. Instead I just paid for the one class, $15.

Here I am in the women’s changing room heading to the hot room.


I got myself all settled in the hot room. The room is heated to 105, however they had fans going before the class started. This was a little deceiving, I had forgotten what 105 degrees feels like. Because once the class got started, the fans went off, and I was sweating like crazy!

I felt much stronger than I did 6 months ago. I moved through each posture and really tried to focus on what the instructor and what he was saying. He was speaking very fast. I looked around and followed the other students on some of the poses. I guess, even though I try to listen, I still need to listen more and be in the moment. The instructor seemed a little harsh in the beginning, but then I realized he had good intentions, and I think he was just going through the notions. He was definitely experienced and really guided all of us to our best practice. So in the end, I loved the class, and would totally take his class again. I am thinking of making this class a weekly thing instead of yoga x, the class is also 90 minutes long. I think the amount of time is less overwhelming when you are surrounded by other yogis and being guided by a great instructor.

Also I saw that they have teacher training there. Perhaps something I would totally be interested in, maybe in a year or so. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s my very blurry after picture. I was completely drenched!


I was starving post work out, I headed straight to


I got a burrito bowl, brown rice, black beans, chicken, fajita style, with both mild and green salsa, and guacamole.


After I got home, showered, took care of the dogs, and started a load of laundry, I finally got to enjoy my burrito bowl.


I, of course, enjoyed every bite and devoured the whole thing. I did this while feeding bits of chicken to cy, and watching “Bethenney Ever After”. I love how tragic and epic this woman’s life is!

Later on the agenda:

Finish laundry
Make tuna salad for lunches
Make meatloaf
Do 2 loads of dishes
Pick up Carlo at 4
Frozen yogurt after Carlo…

But first!

Nap with cy!

Have you ever tried a hot yoga class? How was your experience good/bad?

Do you like all the reality drama trash on bravo?? Just me?



25 thoughts on “DrinkRunYoga!

  1. carrieontherun says:

    I enjoy Bikrim yoga but it contradicts something I heard about not over extending your muscles, that’s bad for them. I am so much better at yoga when I’m super heated however so I am torn on the subject.
    It’s not an option for me to do, even once a week however, there are not any studios that offer Hot Yoga near my office and the classes are offered at hours I either cannot make due to work or needing a babysitter for.

    I think if it feels good do it 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I totally feel ya on the schedule and accessibility, I was lucky enough to do this on my day off. They do have a 5:15 am class that I am debating on…if my work schedule ever changes I see that time a lot in my future.

  2. tmarsh101 says:

    There must be something in the air because we are doing the exact workout routine today! I am headed back to hot yoga tonight for the first time in a year! I hope it works out for me as well as yours did…good for you for doing the run and the yoga back to back!

      • Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

        It is really a small world. I think we’ve actually been at a couple competitions with you guys at racing and maybe dock jumping. LOL! I love the breed. Very nice working dogs! I actually met a few while in Scotland this summer. I actually prefer the NorCal kids better in type.

      • drinkrunyoga says:

        HHAHAHA no way! Yes, small world! My life was dogs up until about a year ago. I am kind of relieved that the competitions in Northern Cali dispersed. They only have them every couple of months now, instead of every weekend…it was breaking the bank! Anyways, thanks for the compliments on the dogs. They are a unique bunch, and yes we think they are awesome too. I bet Scotland was awesome! Totally jealous! We do have plans on that competition at Cathy’s house in Loomis in April. They will have weight pull, and a show. Not sure about racing….even though it’s the funnest sport to watch!

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