Guns, chocolates, and beer!

I had an early wake up call at 5:20 am. It’s my day off, and I know if u don’t work out first thing in the morning, it’s not going to happen. I honestly think if I hadn’t had to get up to turn off the alarm I wouldn’t have gotten up at all. I welcomed tony horton with cardio X.


I was still pressed for time, so I only did 37 out of the 43 minutes. I’m totally ok with that. Hubs had a drs appt at 7:45 am. The appt was super short and he’s in good health. Yay!

Next up, heading to concord to hit up a gun store so hubs could hold a gun he wants to buy with his bonus.


This place opened at 11, so we wasted some time here…


We each have to get our own bag, a few of our favorites shall never meet. Heaven forbid I accidentally eat one of his chocolates or visa versa. Here’s my favorite ❤


After the taste of chocolate in our mouths, back to city arms we went.


Hubs was looking pretty hard for this gun he wanted to hold… He has a “gun guy” he is planning on buying the gun he wants from him, but wanted to see it in person beforehand.

He didn’t find one…

We discussed the option of him buying a gun, and at this point I have pretty much accepted it. My husband loves to shoot, he loves to carry knives, he loves to collect. Why would I stop him from doing these things, when I love to run, race, and train and he supports me with that? We discussed guns and races, and it was all good. It’s funny how couples come to compromises on things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to shoot! It’s actually very relaxing and fun!

If he had asked me about buying a gun a year ago, I would have lectured him, and told him why I think it’s such a waste of money. At this point the point is mute, considering my race fee only lasts for one day. That’s only if we are arguing the point of cost versus time enjoying cost. You see, his guns sit in a safe 99% of the time….I am trying not to think about this point too much.

Anyways…let’s talk about something other than the things I like to argue with my husband about.

Something like, beer?

I had some amazing beer (called evil twin) at this restaurant in Martinez, I’m going to upload a review in a little while after we watch “The Woman in Black” and take a nap.

I love my days off!

Do you like shooting guns?

What’s your favorite chocolate/chocolate shop?



11 thoughts on “Guns, chocolates, and beer!

  1. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    I grew up in the rural Alabama, so of course I like to shoot. But I don’t collect guns. I have a 12 guage and 9 millimeter in my house (for protection). My parents have my rifles and other shotguns. I only shoot when I head home as I live in a subdivision and am to cheap to go to the ranges. Haha!

    If the country gets invaded, think your husband would let me borrow some of his rifles? Haha.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      He prefers to go out to the country (specifically fallon, NV aka the armpit of Nevada) to shoot as well. Shooting ranges are ridiculously priced. And he tried to go to one on Sunday, and it was so packed, that there was over a 2 hour wait. LAME! And yes, I am sure if you were in town he would totally let you borrow some of his rifles-well he only has one rifle, and several hand guns.

  2. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Butterscotch squares from See’s are also my favorite. Delicious! In fact, now I have the sudden urge to trek out to the See’s Candy near my office and bring home a little baggie of my own. It’s like crack, except not so illegal.

  3. Kris says:

    My hubby is building his own this year. This year marks our 10yr anniversary and his 40th so it is his big present. I got my first 22 for my 12th birthday. I do not like chocolate though. Blasphemy I know.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Sounds like a great present 🙂 Now the real question is, will he let you shoot it once it’s done? And I wasn’t as lucky as you to shoot so young. I didn’t shoot a gun until I was like 25. And I had my eyes closed the whole time! Gun enthusiasts know how bad this is! Anyways yes it is blasphemy that you don’t like chocolate! So sad!

  4. tomddean says:

    The ‘being-in-the-safe-99%-of-the-time’ is the main reason I don’t have a gun! Granted, I don’t do much with bibs after the race either so……. Hrmm.

  5. livingafter30 says:

    I love See’s candy especially the chocolate Boudreaux bar!!!

    I shot a gun for the first time last fall. It was exhilarating! We shot a 20 gauge shotgun and then some smaller ones. I loved it but they still scare me to death!!! 🙂

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