Celebrating and core synergistics

After I ran my half marathon yesterday i had to work 1:15-10. I was lagging, exhausted, needed a nap, and starving. I didn’t pack enough food. So after work I was ready to celebrate finishing. I had bought this bottle last Saturday and it had been taunting me ever since.


Hubs and I also enjoyed the season finale of


We are obsessed with this show…

It was a great way to celebrate!

This morning I woke up sore, not in pain, so I decided to do Core Synergistics.


I kinda missed Tony after not seeing him for 5 days. Core Synergistics is pretty much my favorite DVD at this point, so I really enjoyed my work out this morning. Only thing I struggled with was steam engine at the end of the DVD, I just couldn’t lift my legs as high as I wanted to. My legs were just too sore after all those miles yesterday.

How do you celebrate after a race?

Do you watch Walking Dead? Did the finale get you excited about next season?



11 thoughts on “Celebrating and core synergistics

  1. ckaderli says:

    Congrats on the 1/2 Marathon! Your blog caught my eye, mostly because you are also a self-proclaimed slow runner, but also because of the “drink,” and, yes, TWD. Have a great week!

  2. davygordon says:

    congrats on your half marathon! that’s wicked. i read the other one but haven’t had a chance to comment. im glad you decided to follow through on your on. shows mad dedication! i hope maybe one day i will be that motivated! for now, i do what i can. congrats and enjoy your drink.

    also i do watch TWD but i have only seen the first season. i do not have cable anymore and will wait for it to come out on netflix. all my friends on fb and tweeter keep raving about it!!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Thanks, I like to think of myself as focused, but yes dedicated fits the bill too! It also helps that I love it soooooo much! Thanks again, and I did enjoy my drink πŸ˜‰ And you will totally be in love with this season when you finally get to watch it. IT’s stellar!

  3. Nadine says:

    We are shocking massive fans on twd. We don’t have cable but season 1 was on Netflix, then we had to buy each episode the moment it was released on iTunes.it may even be better than breaking bad.

    (if you like these apocalyptic type shows, an uk show called survivors was excellent, it’s on Netflix).

    Congrats on the half, couldn’t imagine racing then working!

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