Unfinished business

Today is the day for my UN-Lucky Run! I was excited! I took a sharpie to that “Lucky Run” shirt, and I think it turned out pretty good.


I went into the 13.1 with a particular path in mind. I was going to do the 4 mile and some change down and back 3 times. This was the path with the least amount of hills. It didn’t matter where or how I got the miles in, what mattered was me getting out there an running them.

I took 2 shot bloks at miles 7, 9, and 11. I didn’t feel fatigued at all during the race. I didn’t feel like I was over doing it, I just felt like I was floating the entire time.

I kept flashing back to a moment around mile 22 of my marathon last year. I heard all of this music and there was about 4-5 dancers in hip hop clothes dancing on the mile marker. There was this moment of excitement where I got super pumped up and just let loose and started dancing a fool. It only lasted like 15-20 seconds, but it’s a feeling I carried with me every time I needed strength. It reminded me to have fun and not stress.

Here’s my official time. I didn’t stop the timer at the stop lights, so the time is a little over what I wanted. However that all doesn’t matter because I totally PR’ed the hell out of this 1/2 marathon distance! A full 16 minutes faster than the one I ran last October. Amazing!


There are the official numbers.

I had my traditional post run breakfast. I actually made it super ginormous!


After the run and the breakfast I showered and noticed that the shirt the UN-Lucky Run shirt, gave me a rash! Lmfao!!! It’s seriously ridiculous at this point.

Does anyone want an XL tech tee?? Let me know, maybe it will bring you more luck 😉

Last but not least. I wanted to take a moment and truly thank all of my followers and readers for the kind thoughts and comments made on my lucky run post. I am so appreciative for you. You are a big reason why I had the strength to run today. I thought of all of your comments as I was running and it really helped me push through those tough parts, and uplift me.

I love this blog so much, and I hope you continue to follow along with me on this journey.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



34 thoughts on “Unfinished business

  1. runslikeapenguin says:

    So glad the run worked out after your nightmare the other day.
    What IS in the bowl?! I think I can make out a bit of Brazil nut but other than that… Please? I love it to eat. I have to know!

  2. nancim72 says:

    I’m a new follower, in just the last month or so, and wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts. I think it’s GREAT that you ran your own half-marathon today. You showed that (UN)Lucky t-shirt who is boss! You go girl!!

  3. catslondonmarathon says:

    Yay! Well done! That’s super! Great time and really motivated to go out and do it alone after such a disappointment at the weekend. I felt so sorry reading your post as could totally understand how you must have felt. I’d have cried too if that had been me 😦 All the more credit to you for not letting bad luck get the better of you. Really loved reading your post today and I feel totally inspired!! Cat xxx

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Great idea! I think it will become some sort of rag that never dies or something. Love it! I walked by my laundry basket this morning and the neon green shirt was peeking out at the top, and I couldn’t help it, but I just started laughing. It’s probably going to stick around 😉

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