Lucky Run Checklist

Wow ok, tomorrow is the half marathon. 8 weeks have really flown by. I wanted to take a moment and make a checklist for tomorrow. I will, of course, probably forget something. Then I will remember it either at 2 in the morning, or on the way to the race. Either way I’m going to be so excited about the race I won’t sleep.

Things I will need for the actual race:

Pants (it will be raining)
Long sleeve tech tee
Rain jacket (bonus it has tons of pockets)
Head phones
Phone (for tunes)
Shot bloks
Water bottle
Head band
Hair band for pony tail

Things I will need post race
Some sort of breakfast (I hate eating the crap they have for post race stuff, plus I’m slow so they often run out or the good $hit is gone)
Towel for car, and face
Change of clothes and shoes

Things I need to pick up for the crock pot corned beef and cabbage I will make before the run:
(can you guess I only have the corned beef)

This means I have to go grocery shopping on the way home.

I also made arrangements with The in-laws for Carlo to spend the night and be brought over to the house around noon. Hubs couldn’t get the day off, so there will be no “Tiffany cheering section”. It’s ok, I have to be understanding since he has gone to almost every race I have done. So I will drive by myself and race by myself. I figure I’m doing all of this for myself anyways. I had originally planned on racing it with a friend, but they bailed on me too.

With all that being said in still pretty excited! I mean, I get to run a half marathon tomorrow! Yippee!

Sometimes you just gotta run for yourself 🙂

Have you ever ran a race by yourself with no cheering section?

How did it go?

Do you see that I’m missing anything?



41 thoughts on “Lucky Run Checklist

  1. Zen Gray says:

    Good luck! I noticed at my marathon that a lot of people brought a “throw-away” sweatshirt for before the race and all the clothes were donated that were left along the course. Just a thought 🙂

    Thanks for the corned beef and cabbage reminder!!!

  2. Happy Runner says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I have run a number of races without friends cheering and you’ll quickly notice how easily you make new friends during the run and have strangers cheer for you. It’s great fun in its own way. Just ENJOY! 🙂

  3. cutedogsandhugs says:

    You will do great!! Do you have the Nike+ app? The program has a function where you can integrate your Facebook page and whenever people like or comment on your run, you can hear cheers along the way! It’s pretty neat and motivational!

  4. Kalli and Bill says:

    oh this is so exciting! i love shok bloks too for halfs…….funny because my first half my hubs just dropped me off because it was a point to point race and then he went home. i actually like it better because there is no pressure. enjoy every mile and have fun!

  5. tmarsh101 says:

    I’m a Tiffany too so you’ll have another Tiffany in your corner! I ran my first race ever by myself. It’s a little strange, but you are right in that you are running for you anyhow. Good luck tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to the post-race recap.

  6. carrieontherun says:

    My advice for running alone – Pick someone ahead of you that seems to be running at the same pace and use them as your “rabbit” that way you focus on that like a buddy keeping you motivated.
    Best of luck.

  7. Amy says:

    Even though you are probably already racing right now (or maybe even done?)…Good Luck! I hope everything is going well for you! Most races have such awesome spectators that cheer for everyone!

  8. blessedwiththunderthighs says:

    I’ll be running a half this morning, too! You’re lucky because 90% of my races (until December of last year) was done on my own. Now people are understanding how important it is to have a cheering section (or person) at the end of the race.
    Have fun! Oh! Try to wear a visor/cap because it will help to keep the rain out of your eyes.

  9. Livelovejourney says:

    Thanks for the half list…I’m a detail person, too and would end up thinking of things at 2 am, as well. Contemplating my first half in October (a happy 40th to me) scared to take that plunge. Good luck to you on your half! Go rock it!

  10. smallgreenfrog says:

    I hope it goes or has gone really well! I always tend to race without support but it always amazes me the response you get from the spectators if you smile and wave at them. You can get support the whole way round that way. Smile, wave, run! Seems to work but as you say sometimes you’ve got to just run for yourself.

    • Kimberly / says:

      I totally agree with this! Smiling while you run gets a great response… and really throws people off. I hear lots of comments about my smile while I run. We usually ride to runs together but race alone, so I’m used to running by myself. This spring and summer I’ll be doing my first runs entirely alone. I get flustered during the “pre-” stuff… so the key thing would have really messed me up!

      • drinkrunyoga says:

        great tips, I guess it doesn’t matter how much you prepare…if you lock your keys in your car you are just S O L! At least I can laugh about it now

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