Wacky Workout Wednesday

My day started at 4:30 am. Man, 4:30 comes early when you normally wake up at 7. Today was load day, so it was all about working product including starting with 4 pallets of 40lb bags.

Best way to start the day if you ask me.

I was completely drenched in sweat by 7, about an hour into my shift. The day went by pretty fast. The commute home was less than desirable. It was tripled because of an accident. I rocked out to some group love and tried not to let it get me down.

Hubs decided to let his uncle have his ticket to the celtics, so we could spend the evening together. How could I go running after that? I was only planning on 2 miles anyways. So the plans changed. I guess it’s kinda been a week since we have seen each other for longer than 5 minutes at a time awake…

We needed to pick up a wine shipment at Ledgewood Creek Winery. And with that being said we started to taste.


We prefer reds 🙂


We had 3 tastes, and picked up this crazy chocolate bar for dessert.


We decided on pasta for dinner, and I was in charge of appetizers.


It was very complicated to make these.


Mmmmm smoked oysters…

The pasta was awesome! A day early for carbo loading, but that’s ok. I think I’m going to have lasagna tomorrow.


After dinner we played…


Guess who won?


Not Carlo after getting 4 of these


Gonna spend the rest of the night was watching Idol with the fam…

How do you carbo-load?

What kinds of games (cards or otherwise) do you play with your family?



4 thoughts on “Wacky Workout Wednesday

  1. martha84 says:

    How was the candy bar? Looks amazing!! And on my carb days – I want California rolls, linguini with meat sauce, or bagels and cream cheese… Ok now I can’t wait til next Wednesday 😦

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      It tasted like it had potato chips in it. Very salty, couldn’t eat but two small pieces, but they were delicious. I hate thinking too much about carbs too! It makes me want them!

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