Weekly Recap: 3/5-3/11

I have been thinking of putting a weekly recap of my exercises done throughout the week on the blog, but of course, I haven’t.  So hello to following through this week!  I think I need to remind myself too that I AM doing ENOUGH!  Sometimes when I have ONLY have time for one work out, or attempt to swap out one work out for a later date I feel like I haven’t done enough. 

Monday- Core Synergistics & 3 mile run

Tuesday-Cardio X

Wednesday-3 Miles

Thursday- Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (I am still sore today after this work out)

Friday-Legs & Back (minus the back), Yoga X

Saturday-7.8 mile run

So I did 8 work outs in 6 days.  I feel awesome about that.  And on Thursday I completely forgot to blog about my weight loss, another pound lost!  I feel amazing about that.  You know it’s seriously hard to lose weight!  I feel very empowered by healthy living, and I feel good about taking very small steps to reach my end goal.  I have fallen off the horse too many times trying to take big steps.  So not worth it!

I am not even going to put down the 2 work outs that I “missed”.  I didn’t need them.  I have a crazy busy life and the fact that I made time for this much exercise really proves that I could do anything.

Do you guys ever feel like the work you put in is not enough?



7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: 3/5-3/11

  1. torunwiththegaels says:

    Yes! It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough – especially when you deviate from a “planned” weekly workout schedule. I try to stick to the “Keep it fun” and “Always incorporate at least one rest day” mantras. Apart from that, anything is game!

  2. carybear21 says:

    I absolutely feel like the working out I’ve been doing lately is not enough – but in my case it’s probably true. I was extra lazy in February, and now I need to get back into gear. Sometimes it was because I was too busy, but many times it was just because I didn’t feel like doing it.

    I think you’re doing far better than most people, and you deserve time off sometimes! Fitting in as many workouts as you are, while still keeping a busy life on top of it, is an amazing feat! I need to do better and follow in your footsteps!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      It only takes 6 weeks to make something a routine. Build up to it and you’re golden 🙂 I do have a hard time taking days off. I have to force myself to take Sundays off. I spend all sunday mornings thinking about it…baby steps

  3. ostranderblog says:

    I do get what you mean but quite honestly the workouts you are getting in – they are helping keep your mind, the stress levels, and the hormones all happy. I saw your meals so you seem to have the inside out approach which is fantastic!

    And 😉 ANY work out is a good one. But yea, I know – some feel like you just went through the motion of doing them… and that’s ok. You went through MOTION to do them.

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