Legs and Back…minus the back

Yep I’m pretty sore after yesterday (shoulders/arms/tricep), so I did the Legs and Back video.  However I fast forwarded through the back parts.  I still haven’t gotten a pull up bar (fail).  So I guess it’s on my agenda for Saturday.  I think if I even had a pull up bar I wouldn’t have done them…my shoulders and arms are toast!  I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow.  If all goes well, I am going to do the yoga video tomorrow too.  Not much else to report, except I have to work early.  Hence the short post.

Any thoughts on pull up bars, which is the best?  I was thinking of just buying the one at Target.



13 thoughts on “Legs and Back…minus the back

  1. Big Mike's World says:

    I have the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Extreme. It is pretty solid and I like the design for the wide grip pull up.

    I loved the shoulders/chest/tricep cd! The pike press is the one move that gave me issues. Just such a weird move but felt so good.

    Keep it up, I’m sure your results are amazing especially with your added running.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I think I picked up the same one today! Pike press….killer! I could sorta do it, but not touching my head to the ground. I am looking foward to that day! Results as far as strength go have probably surpassed my expectations, but weightloss wise, not so much. It’s a journey, I just need to hang tight. I am sure I will get what I want with more work 🙂

  2. coachcrystalspadawan says:

    We got the one that just slips over the door. Then upgraded to the one that actually bolts in and put it down stairs (for some reason the other one didnt fit there (too close to a wall or something) and i got tired of the running upstairs every time a pullup exercise came on. (Legs and Back are hard enough without adding stairclimbers in between).

    P90X shows using the chair which is what I did. However, in P90X2, i am using the bands on some of the exercises and have gotten much better results. I got some of the heavy bands from Beachbody (the ones from walmart were too easy for pullups). I think the chair allows you to cheat by adding more weight to your legs during the pullup as you get tired. Whatever you decide, get that bar, girl!! 🙂

  3. Brendon says:

    Nice job on the blog…I’m only about one week into “blogging,” so you’ve inspired me!

    Anyway-I think the basic door gym will do the job and is worth the money. I used one for years until i upgraded to gas pipe hanging from a garage ceiling joist.

    Pullups/Chinups are fantastic exercises. I couldn’t do any ten years ago (and 60 pounds heavier)…I found that assisting yourself with a chair works well enough. However, I believe that you can build strength by lowering your full body weight unassisted. Use the chair to perform a full pullup, then pickup your feet and lower yourself as slowly as you can. This technique will let you ‘feel’ a true chinup/pullup even if you can’t do any.

    By the way, I didn’t mean to assume that you can’t do any chinups…thinking about getting a chinup bar reminded me about my first attempts to get up there!

  4. martha84 says:

    I have a power rack tower thingie cuz I had no good place in my gym area to mount one. I really like it aside from the foam grips on it (they hurt my hands!). I still can’t do strict pull ups, but after spending 80 bucks on that tower, I’m set on getting them!!!

  5. offthelongrun says:

    Hi Tiffany, thanks for passing by my blog – yours is is a great read. Pull up bars – they only work if you have assistance otherwise you can never get to build up the mass to be able to do it on your own – I use the “assisted chin up” machine at the gym at the moment I’m doing 8 reps with 26 kgs (58Lbs) assisted which means I’m only lifting 2/3 of my body weight. As you progress you lessen the assisted Kgs/Lbs.

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